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2014Polarization holographic grating recording in the cholesteric azobenzene-containing films with the phototunable helix pitch
Ryabchun, A.; Sobolewska, A.; Bobrovsky, A.; Shibaev, V.; Stumpe, J.
Journal Article
2013Photo- and thermal-processing of azobenzene-containing star-shaped liquid crystals
Tomczyk, J.; Sobolewska, A.; Nagy, Z.T.; Guillon, D.; Donnio, B.; Stumpe, J.
Journal Article
2012Dual photorecording on cholesteric azobenzene-containing LC polymer films using helix pitch phototuning and holographic grating recording
Ryabchun, A.; Bobrovsky, A.; Sobolewska, A.; Shibaev, V.; Stumpe, J.
Journal Article
2012Surface relief gratings in azobenzene supramolecular systems based on polyimides
Schab-Balcerzak, E.; Sobolewska, A.; Stumpe, J.; Hamryszak, L.; Bujak, P.
Journal Article
2006Characterization and photoinduced properties of photochromic polymers. 1. Polyesterimides with 4-amino 4'-nitro azobenzene moieties
Schab-Balcerzak, E.; Sapich, B.; Stumpe, J.; Sobolewska, A.; Miniewicz, A.
Journal Article