Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Do you Really Code? Designing and Evaluating Screening Questions for Online Surveys with Programmers
Danilova, Anastasia; Naiakshina, Alena; Horstmann, Stefan; Smith, Matthew
Conference Paper
2020Cash, Cards or Cryptocurrencies? A Study of Payment Culture in Four Countries
Busse, K.; Tahaei, M.; Krombholz, K.; Zezschwitz, E. von; Smith, M.; Tian, J.; Xu, W.
Conference Paper
2020On Conducting Security Developer Studies with CS Students: Examining a Password-Storage Study with CS Students, Freelancers, and Company Developers
Naiakshina, A.; Danilova, A.; Gerlitz, E.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2020One size does not fit all: A grounded theory and online survey study of developer preferences for securitywarning types
Danilova, A.; Naiakshina, A.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2020Replication: On the ecological validity of online security developer studies: Exploring deception in a password-storage study with freelancers
Danilova, A.; Naiakshina, A.; Deuter, J.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2020Vision: I don't want to use my Phone! A Cognitive Walkthrough for YubiKeys
Bischoff, C.; Gerlitz, E.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2019"If HTTPS Were Secure, I Wouldn't Need 2FA" - End User and Administrator Mental Models of HTTPS
Krombholz, K.; Busse, K.; Pfeffer, K.; Smith, M.; Zezschwitz, E. von
Conference Paper
2019"If you want, I can store the encrypted password". A Password-Storage Field Study with Freelance Developers
Naiakshina, A.; Danilova, A.; Gerlitz, E.; Zezschwitz, E. von; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2019In Encryption We Don't Trust: The Effect of End-to-End Encryption to the Masses on User Perception
Dechand, S.; Naiakshina, A.; Danilova, A.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2019Replication: No one can hack my mind revisiting a study on expert and non-expert security practices and advice
Busse, K.; Schäfer, J.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2019A Usability Evaluation of Let's Encrypt and Certbot: Usable Security Done Right
Tiefenau, C.; Zezschwitz, E. von; Häring, M.; Krombholz, K.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2018Adsorption and detection of hazardous trace gases by metal-organic frameworks
Wöllner, Michelle; Hausdorf, Steffen; Klein, Nicole; Müller, Philipp; Smith, Martin W.; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2018Consolidating principles and patterns for human-centred usable security research and development
Lo Iacono, L.; Smith, Matthew; Zezschwitz, Emanuel von; Gorski, Peter Leo; Nehren, Peter
Conference Paper
2018Deception Task Design in Developer Password Studies: Exploring a Student Sample
Naiakshina, Alena; Danilova, Anastasia; Tiefenau, Christian; Smith, Matthew
Conference Paper
2017Erratum to: The 2016 Thermal Spray Roadmap
Vardelle, A.; Moreau, C.; Akedo, J.; Ashrafizadeh, H.; Berndt, C.C.; Oberste Berghaus, J.; Boulos, M.; Brogan, J.; Bourtsalas, A.C.; Dolatabadi, A.; Dorfman, M.; Eden, T.J.; Fauchais, P.; Fisher, G.; Gaertner, F.; Gindrat, M.; Henne, R.; Hyland, M.; Irissou, E.; Jodoin, B.; Jordan, E.H.; Khor, K.A.; Killinger, A.; Lau, Y.C.; Li, C.J.; Li, L.; Longtin, J.; Markocsan, N.; Masset, P.J.; Matejicek, J.; Mauer, G.; McDonald, A.; Mostaghimi, J.; Sampath, S.; Schiller, G.; Shinoda, K.; Smith, M.F.; Syed, A.A.; Themelis, N.J.; Toma, F.L.; Trelles, J.P.; Vassen, R.; Vuoristo, P.
2017Exploring Design Directions for Wearable Privacy
Krombholz, Katharina; Dabrowski, Adrian; Smith, Matthew; Weippl, Edgar
Conference Paper
2017Obstacles to the Adoption of Secure Communication Tools
Abu-Salma, Ruba; Sasse, M. Angela; Bonneau, Joseph; Danilova, Anastasia; Naiakshina, Alena; Smith, Matthew
Conference Paper
2017Welcome Message from the Program Committee Chairs
Sabelfeld, A.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2017Why Do Developers Get Password Storage Wrong? A Qualitative Usability Study
Naiakshina, Alena; Danilova, Anastasia; Tiefenau, Christian; Herzog, Marco; Smith, Matthew
Conference Paper
2016The 2016 thermal spray roadmap
Vardelle, Armelle M.; Moreau, Christian; Akedo, Jun; Ashrafizadeh, Hossein; Berndt, Christopher; Berghaus, Jörg; Boulos, Mäher; Brogan, Jeffrey; Bourtsalas, Athanasios; Dolatabadi, Ali; Dorfman, Mitchell; Eden, Timothy; Fauchais, Pierre; Fisher, Gary; Gärtner, Frank; Gindrat, Malko; Henne, Rudolf; Hyland, Margaret; Irissou, Éric; Jordan, Eric; Khor, Khiam; Killinger, Andreas; Lau, Yukchiu; Li, Changjiu; Li, Li; Longtin, Jon; Markocsan, Nicolaie; Masset, Patrick; Matějíček, Jiří; Mauer, Georg; McDonald, André; Mostaghimi, Javad; Sampath, Sanjay; Schiller, Günter; Shinoda, Kentaro; Smith, Mark; Syed, Asif Ansar; Themelis, Nickolas; Toma, Filofteia-Laura; Trelles, Juan; Vaßen, Robert; Vuoristo, P.
Journal Article
2016Debunking security-usability tradeoff myths
Sasse, M.A.; Smith, M.; Herley, C.; Lipford, H.; Vaniea, K.
Journal Article
2016Developers are not the enemy!: The need for usable security APIs
Green, M.; Smith, M.
Journal Article
2016An empirical study of textual key-fingerprint representations
Dechand, S.; Schürmann, D.; Busse, K.; Acar, Y.; Fahl, S.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2016Helping Johnny to analyze malware: A usability-optimized decompiler and malware analysis user study
Yakdan, K.; Dechand, S.; Gerhards-Padilla, E.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2016Prices and costs of EU energy. Final report
Grave, Katharina; Breitschopf, Barbara; Ordonez, Jose; Wachsmuth, Jakob; Boeve, Sil; Smith, Matthew; Schubert, Torben; Friedrichsen, Nele; Herbst, Andrea; Eckartz, Katharina; Pudlik, Martin; Bons, Marian; Ragwitz, Mario; Schleich, Joachim
2016The security-usability tradeoff myth
Sasse, M.A.; Smith, M.
Journal Article
2016SoK: Lessons Learned from Android Security Research For Appified Software Platforms
Acar, Yasemin; Backes, Michael; Bugiel, Sven; Fahl, Sascha; McDaniel, Patrick; Smith, Matthew
Conference Paper
2016Usable Security - The Source Awakens
Smith, Matthew
2015Participatory Design for Security-Related User Interfaces
Weber, S.; Harbach, M.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2015SoK: Secure messaging
Unger, N.; Dechand, S.; Bonneau, J.; Fahl, S.; Perl, H.; Goldberg, I.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2015To Pin or Not to Pin - Helping App Developers Bullet Proof Their TLS Connections
Oltrogge, M.; Acar, Y.; Dechand, S.; Smith, M.; Fahl, S.
Conference Paper
2015VCCFinder: Finding potential vulnerabilities in open-source projects to assist code audits
Perl, H.; Dechand, S.; Smith, M.; Arp, D.; Yamaguchi, F.; Rieck, K.; Fahl, S.; Acar, Y.
Conference Paper
2014Hey, NSA: Stay away from my market! Future proofing app markets against powerful attackers
Fahl, S.; Dechand, S.; Perl, H.; Fischer, F.; Smrcek, J.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2014Innovation impact of the ecodesign and energy labelling directives
Braungardt, Sibylle; Smith, Matthew; McAlister, Catriona; Williams, Rob; Attali, Sophie
Conference Paper
2014It's a hard lock life: A field study of smartphone (un)locking behavior and risk perception
Harbach, M.; Zezschwitz, E. von; Fichtner, A.; Luca, A. de; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2014Now you see me, now you don't. Protecting smartphone authentication from shoulder surfers
Luca, A. de; Harbach, M.; Zezschwitz, E. von; Maurer, M.-E.; Slawik, B.; Hussmann, H.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2014Using personal examples to improve risk communication for security & privacy decisions
Harbach, M.; Hettig, M.; Weber, S.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2013Examination of an optical transmittance test for photovoltaic encapsulation materials
Miller, D.C.; Bengoeche, J.; Bokri, J.G.; Köhl, M.; Powell, N.E.; Smith, M.E.; White, M.D.; Wilson, H.R.; Wohlgemuth, J.H.
Conference Paper
2010Research recommendations for selected IARC-classified agents. Review
Ward, E.M.; Schulte, P.A.; Straif, K.; Hopf, N.B.; Caldwell, J.C.; Carreon, T.; DeMarini, D.M.; Fowler, B.A.; Goldstein, B.D.; Hemminki, K.; Hines, C.J.; Pursiainen, K.H.; Kuempel, E.; Lewtas, J.; Lunn, R.M.; Lynge, E.; McElvenny, D.M.; Muhle, H.; Nakajima, T.; Robertson, L.W.; Rothman, N.; Ruder, A.M.; Schubauer-Berigan, M.K.; Siemiatycki, J.; Silverman, D.; Smith, M.T.; Sorahan, T.; Steenland, K.; Stevens, R.G.; Vineis, P.; Zahm, S.H.; Zeise, L.; Cogliano, V.J.
Journal Article
2009Integral planning of new components and production methods for BSS installations
Bárcena, C.; Sánchez Labrador, R.; Segarra Martinez, M.J.; Smith, M.; Martin, D.; Gimenez, A.; Balaguer, C.; Kessoudis, K.; Schimpf, Sven
Book Article