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2020Federated Control of Distributed Multi-Partner Cloud Resources for Adaptive C2 in Disadvantaged Networks
Bastiaansen, H.; Geest, J.V.D.; Broek, C.V.D.; Kudla, T.; Isenor, A.; Webb, S.; Suri, N.; Fogli, M.; Canessa, B.; Masini, A.; Goniacz, R.; Sliwa, J.
Journal Article
2018Realizing overlay Xcast in a tactical service infrastructure: An approach based on a service-oriented architecture
Diefenbach, Anne; Lopes, Roberto Rigolin F.; Lampe, Thorsten A.; Prasse, Christoph; Śliwa, Joanna; Goniacz, Robert; Viidanoja, Antti
Conference Paper
2016TACTICS TSI architecture: A European reference architecture for tactical SOA
Diefenbach, A.; Ginzler, T.; McLaughlin, S.; Sliwa, J.; Lampe, T.A.; Prasse, C.
Conference Paper
2015SOA and wireless mobile networks in the tactical domain: Results from experiments
Manso, M.; Alcaraz Calero, J.M.; Barz, C.; Hafsøe Bloebaum, T.; Chan, K.; Jansen, N.; Trethan Johnsen, F.; Markarian, G.; Meiler, P.-P.; Owens, I.; Sliwa, J.; Wang, Q.
Conference Paper