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2021IL-38 Ablation Reduces Local Inflammation and Disease Severity in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis
Huard, A.; Do, H.N.; Frank, A.-C.; Sirait-Fischer, E.; Fuhrmann, D.; Hofmann, M.C.J.; Raue, R.; Palmer, G.; Brüne, B.; Bruin, N. de; Weigert, A.
Journal Article
2021Lactate dehydrogenase B regulates macrophage metabolism in the tumor microenvironment
Frank, A.-C.; Raue, R.; Fuhrmann, D.C.; Sirait-Fischer, E.; Reuse, C.; Weigert, A.; Lütjohann, D.; Hiller, K.; Syed, S.N.; Brüne, B.
Journal Article
2020Alox12/15 Deficiency Exacerbates, While Lipoxin A4 Ameliorates Hepatic Inflammation in Murine Alcoholic Hepatitis
Queck, A.; Fink, A.F.; Sirait-Fischer, E.; Rüschenbaum, S.; Thomas, D.; Snodgrass, R.G.; Geisslinger, G.; Baba, H.A.; Trebicka, J.; Zeuzem, S.; Weigert, A.; Lange, C.M.; Brüne, B.
Journal Article
2020Immune Checkpoint Blockade Improves Chemotherapy in the PyMT Mammary Carcinoma Mouse Model
Sirait-Fischer, E.; Olesch, C.; Fink, A.F.; Berkefeld, M.; Huard, A.; Schmid, T.; Takeda, K.; Brüne, B.; Weigert, A.
Journal Article
2020S1PR4 ablation reduces tumor growth and improves chemotherapy via CD8+ T cell expansion
Olesch, C.; Sirait-Fischer, E.; Berkefeld, M.; Fink, A.F.; Susen, R.M.; Ritter, B.; Michels, B.E.; Steinhilber, D.; Greten, F.R.; Savai, R.; Takeda, K.; Brüne, B.; Weigert, A.
Journal Article
2020S1PR4-dependent CCL2 production promotes macrophage recruitment in a murine psoriasis model
Schuster, C.; Huard, A.; Sirait-Fischer, E.; Dillmann, C.; Brüne, B.; Weigert, A.
Journal Article
2018Downregulation of BTLA on NKT Cells Promotes Tumor Immune Control in a Mouse Model of Mammary Carcinoma
Sekar, D.; Govene, L.; Del Río, M.-L.; Sirait-Fischer, E.; Fink, A.F.; Brüne, B.; Rodriguez-Barbosa, J.I.; Weigert, A.
Journal Article