Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2000Autostereoscopic lenticular and stripe raster monitors of HHI - 4 years development of industrial prototypes
Boerner, R.; Duckstein, B.; Machui, O.; Roeder, H.; Sinnig, T.
Conference Paper
2000A family of single-user autostereoscopic displays with head-tracking capabilities
Borner, R.; Duckstein, B.; Machui, O.; Roder, H.; Sinnig, T.; Sikora, T.
Journal Article
1987Calculation of the optical transfer function of a light valve system with dark field observation
Kuhlow, B.; Sinnig, T.
Journal Article
1987Simulation of the modulation transfer function of a projecting optical system
Reden, W. von; Sinnig, T.
Journal Article
1985Light valve projector for HDTV with 1600 lm light output using a 400 W lamp
Ehrke, H.-J.; Kuhlow, B.; Rosin, T.; Sinnig, T.; Tepe, R.; Troller, G.
Journal Article