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2017Aerodynamic and aeroacoustic wind tunnel tests of a half wing model with a full-span droop-nose leading edge
Adachi, Seiji; Bay, Karlheinz; Brandstätt, Peter; Herget, Wolfgang; Simpson, John C.
Conference Paper
2015Experimental evaluation of the morphing leading edge concept
Sodja, Jurij; Martinez, Marcias J.; Simpson, John C.; Breuker, Roeland de
Conference Paper
2014Optimization framework for design of morphing wings
Yang, Jian; Cooper, Jonathan E.; Nangia, Raj K.; Simpson, John C.
Conference Paper
2013CAA estimation of noise radiated from a 2D airfoil profile with leading edge high-lift devices
Adachi, Seiji; Brandstätt, Peter; Simpson, John C.
Conference Paper