Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2014Advanced certificate distribution strategies for secure car-to-X communication with realistic simulations
Aydinli, Berke
: Sigl, Georg (Betreuer); Bittl, Sebastian (Betreuer)
Master Thesis
2014Increasing the efficiency of syndrome coding for PUFs with helper data compression
Hiller, Matthias; Sigl, Georg
Conference Paper
2014On MILS I/O Sharing Targeting Avionic Systems
Müller, Kevin; Sigl, Georg; Triquet, Benoit; Paulitsch, Michael
Conference Paper
2013Breaking through Fixed PUF Block Limitations with Differential Sequence Coding and Convolutional Codes
Hiller, Matthias; Weiner, Michael; Rodriques, Leandro; Birkner, Maximilian; Sigl, Georg
Conference Paper
2013Differential Scan-Path: A Novel Solution for Secure Design-for-Testability
Manich, Salvador; Wamser, Markus; Guillen, Oscar; Sigl, Georg
Conference Paper
2013Identities for Embedded Systems Enabled by Physical Unclonable Functions
Merli, Dominik; Sigl, Georg; Eckert, Claudia
Book Article
2013Information Leakage Reduction at the Scan-Path Output
Manich Bou, Salvador; Wamser, Markus S.; Sigl, Georg
Conference Paper
2013Manipulationssensible Kopierschutzfolie
Henning, Maximilian; Schimmel, Oliver; Zieris, Philipp; Sigl, Georg
Conference Paper
2013A New Model for Estimating Bit Error Probabilities of Ring-Oscillator PUFs
Hiller, Matthias; Sigl, Georg; Pehl, Michael
Conference Paper
2013On the Relationship Between Correlation Power Analysis and the Stochastic Approach: an ASIC Designer Perspective
Santis, Fabrizio de; Kasper, Michael; Mangard, Stefan; Sigl, Georg; Stein, Oliver; Stöettinger, Marc
Conference Paper
2012Detection of probing attempts in secure ICs
Manich, Salvador; Wamser, Markus; Sigl, Georg
Conference Paper
2011Mikrocontroller Architekturen für Sicherheitsanwendungen
Sigl, Georg
Conference Paper