Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Application of NMR spectroscopy and conventional analytical methods for the assessment of wastewater from food industry
Shumilina, Elena; Johansen, Trude; Glasner, Christoph; Robert, Joseph; Rustad, Turid; Dikiy, Alexander
Journal Article
2019A comparison study on the production and recovery of lactic acid by fermenting dairy by-products with P. acidilactici and Lb. delbrüeckii spp. bulgaricus
Klupsaite, Dovile; Juodeikiene, Grazina; Arbones, Enrique; Pérez Quintáns, Alfonso; Zadeike, Daiva; Bartkiene, Elena; Glasner, Christoph; Dikiy, Alexander; Shumilina, Elena
Journal Article
2018Adaptions of harvesting methods and concepts in order to reduce weeds on agricultural fields and to gain potentially a so far unexploited biomass feedstock
Glasner, Christoph; Andreasen, Christian; Vieregge, Christopher; Dikiy, Alexander; Fenselau, Johanna; Bitarafan, Zahra; Shumilina, Elena
Conference Paper
2017Evaluation of the potential of utilizing lactic acid bacteria and dairy wastewaters for methane production
Juodeikiene, Grazina; Cizeikiene, Dalia; Glasner, Christoph; Bartkiene, Elena; Dikiy, Alexander; Shumilina, Elena; Ilic, Nebojsa; Berardino, Santino di; Foncesa, Cesar
Journal Article