Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Continuous-flow, microfluidic, qRT-PCR system for RNA virus detection
Fernández-Carballo, B. Leticia; McBeth, Christine; McGuiness, Ian; Kalashnikov, Maxim; Baum, Christoph; Borrós, Salvador; Sharon, Andre; Sauer-Budge, Alexis F.
Journal Article
2018A practical approach for the optimization of channel integrity in the sealing of shallow microfluidic devices made from cyclic olefin polymer
Ganser, Philipp; Baum, Christoph; Chargin, David; Sauer-Budge, Alexis F.; Sharon, Andre
Journal Article
2017Automated tissue dissociation for rapid extraction of viable cells
McBeth, Christine; Gutermuth, Angela; Ochs, Jelena; Sharon, Andre; Sauer-Budge, Alexis F.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2017Parallelization in automated stem cell culture
Kulik, Michael; Ochs, Jelena; König, Niels; McBeth, Christine; Sauer-Budge, Alexis; Sharon, Andre; Schmitt, Robert
Journal Article, Conference Paper