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2021Raw Material Needs for the Large-Scale Deployment of Photovoltaics - Effects of Innovation-Driven Roadmaps on Material constraints until 2050
Gervais, E.; Shammugam, S.; Friedrich, L.; Schlegl, T.
Journal Article
2021A Strategy to Increase the Resource Efficiency of Renewable Energy Technologies
Henning, H.-M.; Shammugam, S.; Gervais, E.; Schlegl, T.
Book Article
2020Adjustment of the Life Cycle Inventory in Life Cycle Assessment for the Flexible Integration into Energy Systems Analysis
Betten, T.; Shammugam, S.; Graf, R.
Journal Article
2019AutGrid - Chancen und Risiken der Netzautarkie in Deutschland. Schlussbericht
Senkpiel, C.; Hauser, W.; Biener, W.; Längle, S.; Shammugam, S.; Garcia, K.R.; Kost, D.
2019Causality between Metal Prices: Is Joint Consumption a More Important Determinant than Joint Production of Main and By-Product Metals?
Shammugam, S.; Rathgeber, A.; Schlegl, T.
Journal Article
2019EU-Comparison of the Economic Viability of Prosumer PV Systems
Fluri, Verena; Niedermeier, Klarissa; Steffens, Henning; Wille-Haußmann, Bernhard; Kost, Christoph; Schlegl, Thomas; Shammugam, Shivenes
Conference Paper
2019Raw materials and energy transformation process. Analysis of supply bottlenecks and implications on metal markets
Shammugam, Shivenes
: Schlegl, Thomas (Betreuer); Henning, Hans-Martin (Referent); Rathgeber, Andreas (Referent)
2019Raw metal needs and supply risks for the development of wind energy in Germany until 2050
Shammugam, S.; Gervais, E.; Schlegl, T.; Rathgeber, A.
Journal Article
2018Evaluation of load flow and grid expansion in a unit-commitment and expansion optimization model
Senkpiel, C.; Biener, W.; Shammugam, S.; Längle, S.
Conference Paper
2018Impact of grid reduction on modelling accuracy of line usage rates
Biener, W.; Senkpiel, C.; Shammugam, S.; Garcia Rosas, K.R.; Linke, M.; Eibl, O.
Conference Paper
2018Stromgestehungskosten Erneuerbare Energien
Kost, C.; Shammugam, S.; Jülch, V.; Nguyen, H.; Schlegl, T.
2016Concept of Evaluating Chances and Risks of Grid Autarky
Senkpiel, C.; Shammugam, S.; Saad Hussein, N.; Hauser, W.; Biener, W.; Kreifels, N.; Kost, C.
2016Concept of evaluating chances and risks of grid autarky
Senkpiel, C.; Shammugam, S.; Biener, W.; Hussein, N.S.; Kost, C.; Kreifels, N.; Hauser, W.
Conference Paper