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2020Dynamic feed-in tariffs with reduced complexity and their impact on the optimal operation of a combined heat and power plant
Selinger-Lutz, O.; Groß, A.; Wille-Haussmann, B.; Wittwer, C.
Journal Article
2020From residential electric load profiles to flexibility profiles
Fischer, D.; Surmann, A.; Biener, W.; Selinger-Lutz, O.
Journal Article
2019Insights from a field test implementation of a robust Smart Grid concept based on ripple control
Selinger-Lutz, O.; Brandalik, R.; Katz, I.; Hollinger, R.
Journal Article
2018A Concept for Controlling Heat Pump Pools Using the Smart Grid Ready Interface
Fischer, D.; Triebel, M.-A.; Selinger-Lutz, O.
Conference Paper
2018Flexibility assessment of a pool of residential micro combined heat and power systems
Selinger-Lutz, O.; Pratidino, G.; Hollinger, R.; Fischer, D.; Koch, B.; Wittwer, C.
Journal Article
2018Lessons Learned from Field Test Data of a Robust Smart Grid Concept
Selinger-Lutz, O.; Katz, I.; Hollinger, R.; Wittwer, C.
Conference Paper
2018Power-to-gas in a smart city context - influence of network restrictions and possible solutions using on-site storage and model predictive controls
Fischer, D.; Kaufmann, F.; Selinger-Lutz, O.; Voglstätter, C.
Journal Article