Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018A study of factors that lead development teams to incur technical debt in software projects
Rios, N.; Spínola, R.O.; Mendonça Neto, M.G. de; Seaman, C.
Conference Paper
2017Empirically-based method for performing qualitative synthesis in software engineering
Guzmán Rehbein, Liliana Katherine
: Rombach, D.; Seaman, C.
2016Developing a value-based methodology for satisfying NASA software assurance requirements
Port, D.; Wilf, J.; Diep, M.; Seaman, C.; Feather, M.
Conference Paper
2016Exploring the costs of technical debt management - a case study
Guo, Y.; Spínola, R.O.; Seaman, C.
Journal Article
2016Identification and management of technical debt: A systematic mapping study
Alves, N.S.R.; Mendes, T.S.; Mendonça, M.G. de; Spinola, R.O.; Shull, F.; Seaman, C.
Journal Article
2015Ask the engineers: Exploring repertory grids and personal constructs for software data analysis
Layman, L.; Seaman, C.; Falessi, D.; Diep, M.
Conference Paper
2014Aligning organizations through measurement. The GQM+strategies approach
Basili, Victor R.; Trendowicz, Adam; Kowalczyk, Martin; Heidrich, Jens; Seaman, Carolyn B.; Münch, Jürgen; Rombach, H. Dieter
2014Comparing four approaches for technical debt identification
Zazworka, N.; Vetro', A.; Izurieta, C.; Wong, S.; Cai, Y.; Seaman, C.; Shull, F.
Journal Article
2014Survey on research synthesis in software engineering
Guzman, Liliana; Lampasona, Constanza; Seaman, Carolyn B.; Rombach, H. Dieter
Conference Paper
2013A case study on effectively identifying technical debt
Zazworka, N.; Spínola, R.O.; Vetro, A.; Shull, F.; Seaman, C.
Conference Paper
2013Enhancing the system development process performance: A value-based approach
Mastrofmi, M.; Cantone, G.; Seaman, C.; Shull, F.; Diep, M.; Falessi, D.
Conference Paper
2013Investigating technical debt folklore: Shedding some light on technical debt opinion
Spínola, R.O.; Vetrò, A.; Zazworka, N.; Seaman, C.; Shull, F.
Conference Paper
2013Technical debt: Showing the way for better transfer of empirical results
Shull, F.; Falessi, D.; Seaman, C.; Diep, M.; Layman, L.
Book Article
2012Analyzing inspection data for heuristic effectiveness
Shull, F.; Seaman, C.; Diep, M.
Conference Paper
2012Fully employing software inspections data
Shull, F.; Feldmann, R.L.; Seaman, C.; Regardie, M.; Godfrey, S.
Journal Article
2012Investigating automatic static analysis results to identify quality problems. An inductive study
Vetro, A.; Zazworka, N.; Shull, F.; Seaman, C.; Shaw, M.A.
Conference Paper
2012Organizing the technical debt landscape
Izurieta, C.; Vetrò, A.; Zazworka, N.; Cai, Y.; Seaman, C.; Shull, F.
Conference Paper
2012Using technical debt data in decision making: Potential decision approaches
Seaman, C.; Guo, Y.; Zazworka, N.; Shull, F.; Izurieta, C.; Cai, Y.; Vetrò, A.
Conference Paper
2012Using the ISO/IEC 9126 product quality model to classify defects: A controlled experiment
Vetro, A.; Zazworka, N.; Seaman, C.; Shull, F.
Conference Paper
2011Investigating the impact of design debt on software quality
Zazworka, N.; Shaw, M.A.; Shull, F.; Seaman, C.
Conference Paper
2011Prioritizing design debt investment opportunities
Zazworka, N.; Seaman, C.; Shull, F.
Conference Paper
2010Building empirical support for automated code smell detection
Schumacher, J.; Zazworka, N.; Shull, F.; Seaman, C.; Shaw, M.
Conference Paper
2010Domain-specific tailoring of code smells: An empirical study
Guo, Y.; Seaman, C.; Zazworka, N.; Shull, F.
Conference Paper
2010Linking software development and business strategy through measurement
Basili, Victor R.; Lindvall, Mikael; Regardie, Myrna; Seaman, Carolyn B.; Heidrich, Jens; Münch, Jürgen; Rombach, H. Dieter; Trendowicz, Adam
Journal Article
2010Managing technical debt in software-reliant systems
Brown, N.; Cai, Y.; Guo, Y.; Kazman, R.; Kim, M.; Kruchten, P.; Lim, E.; MacCormack, A.; Nord, R.; Ozkaya, I.; Sangwan, R.; Seaman, C.; Sullivan, K.; Zazworka, N.
Conference Paper
2009Determining the impact of business strategies using principles from goal-oriented measurement
Basili, Victor R.; Heidrich, Jens; Lindvall, Mikael; Münch, Jürgen; Seaman, Carolyn B.; Regardie, Myrna; Trendowicz, Adam
Conference Paper
2008Defect categorization. Making use of a decade of widely varying historical data
Seaman, C.B.; Shull, F.; Regardie, M.; Elbert, D.; Feldmann, R.L.; Guo, Y.; Godfrey, S.
Conference Paper
2008Inspecting the History of Inspections: An Example of Evidence-Based Technology Diffusion
Shull, F.; Seaman, C.
Journal Article
2007Bridging the gap between business strategy and software development
Basili, V.; Lindvall, M.; Regardie, M.; Seaman, C.; Heidrich, J.; Münch, J.; Rombach, D.; Trendowicz, A.
Conference Paper
2007ESEM 2007: Program Chairs' Message
Seaman, C.; Vegas, S.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2007GQM strategies®: A comprehensive methodology for aligning business strategies with software measurement
Basili, Victor R.; Heidrich, Jens; Lindvall, Mikael; Münch, Jürgen; Regardie, Myrna; Rombach, H. Dieter; Seaman, Carolyn B.; Trendowicz, Adam
Conference Paper
2006Victor R. Basili's contributions to software quality
Shull, F.; Seaman, C.; Zelkowitz, M.
Journal Article
2003Process diversity
Rus, I.; Seaman, C.; Lindvall, M.
Journal Article
2003User-interface evaluation and empirically-based evolution of a prototype experience management tool
Seaman, C.B.; Mendonca, M.G.; Basili, V.R.; Kim, Y.M.
Journal Article
2002COTS-based software-development - processes and open issues
Morisio, M.; Seaman, C.B.; Basili, V.R.; Parra, A.T.; Kraft, S.E.; Condon, S.E.
Journal Article
2002An experience management system for a software engineering research organization
Basili, V.; Costa, P.; Lindvall, M.; Mendonca, M.; Seaman, C.; Tesoriero, R.; Zelkowitz, M.
Conference Paper
1998Q-MOPP. Qualitative Evaluation of Maintenance Organizations, Processes and Products
Briand, L.C.; Kim, Y.-M.; Melo, W.L.; Seaman, C.; Basili, V.R.
Journal Article