Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Genetic Optimization of Pin Fin Heat Sinks Using a Finite Difference Formulation
Schuster, Simone; Rosskopf, Andreas; Jung, Verena; Groccia, Mario; Menrath, Thomas
Conference Paper
2020Shape Optimization of a Pin Fin Heat Sink
Menrath, T.; Rosskopf, A.; Simon, F.B.; Groccia, M.; Schuster, S.
Conference Paper
2017Local residual stress analysis on deep drawn cups by means of the incremental hole-drilling method
Schuster, S.; Pagenkopf, J.; Gibmeier, J.
Conference Paper
2016IL-17 production by CSF lymphocytes as a biomarker for cerebral vasculitis
Thom, V.; Schmid, S.; Gelderblom, M.; Hackbusch, R.; Kolster, M.; Schuster, S.; Thomalla, G.; Keminer, O.; Pleß, O.; Bernreuther, C.; Glatzel, M.; Wegscheider, K.; Gerloff, C.; Magnus, T.; Tolosa, E.
Journal Article
2016Influence of varying bundle structures on power electronic systems simulated by a coupled approach of FEM and PEEC
Rosskopf, A.; Schuster, S.; Endruschat, A.; Bär, E.
Conference Paper
2016Nonlinear aging of cylindrical lithium-ion cells linked to heterogeneous compression
Bach, Tobias C.; Schuster, Simon F.; Fleder, Elena; Müller, Jana; Brand, Martin J.; Lorrmann, Henning; Jossen, Andreas; Sextl, Gerhard
Journal Article
2015Effects of vibrations and shocks in electric vehicles on Li-ion batteries
Brand, M.J.; Schuster, S.F.; Bach, T.; Fleder, E.; Stelz, M.; Gläser, S.; Müller, J.; Sextl, G.; Jossen, A.
Conference Paper
2015Effects of vibrations and shocks on lithium-ion cells
Brand, Martin J.; Schuster, Simon F.; Bach, Tobias; Fleder, Elena; Stelz, Manfred; Gläser, Simon; Müller, Jana; Sextl, Gerhard; Jossen, Andreas
Journal Article
2015Investigations on the cyclic aging behavior of Li-ion cells: Reasons for an abrupt drop of capacity
Schuster, Simon F.; Bach, Tobias; Fleder, Elena; Müller, Jana; Sextl, Gerhard; Jossen, Andreas
Conference Paper
2015Nonlinear aging characteristics of lithium-ion cells under different operational conditions
Schuster, Simon F.; Bach, Tobias; Fleder, Elena; Müller, Jana; Brand, Martin; Sextl, Gerhard; Jossen, Andreas
Journal Article
2015Nonlinear aging of lithium-ion cells linked to pressure differences: Degradation mechanisms and remedies
Bach, Tobias; Schuster, Simon; Fleder, Elena; Müller, Jana; Jossen, Andreas; Sextl, Gerhard
Conference Paper
2015Solvothermal modified layers against high temperature corrosion
Wöllmer, Silke; Förg, Andrea; Schuster, Sebastian; Masset, Patrick J.
Conference Paper
2014Preliminary results of solvothermally densified thermal sprayed coatings for waste incineration plants
Schuster, Sebastian; Müller, Dirk; Aßbichler, Donja; Fehr, Karl Thomas; Masset, Patrick J.
Conference Paper
2014Thermal sprayed coatings for heat exchangers in heat storage applications
Schuster, Sebastian; Masset, P.J.
Conference Paper
2013Corrosion protection of heat exchanger materials for heat storage applications
Schuster, S.; Masset, P.J.
2013Development of chemically densified thermal sprayed mulitlayer coatings for use in waste incinerators
Schuster, S.; Masset, P.J.; Fehr, K.-T.; Müller, D.; Aßbichler, D.
2011A blueprint of ectoine metabolism from the genome of the industrial producer Halomonas elongata DSM 2581T
Schwibbert, K.; Marin-Sanguino, A.; Bagyan, I.; Heidrich, G.; Lentzen, G.; Seitz, H.; Rampp, M.; Schuster, S.C.; Klenk, H.-P.; Pfeiffer, F.; Oesterhelt, D.; Kunte, H.J.
Journal Article
2011Entwicklung eines 3D-Charakterisierungsmessplatzes mit anschließender Charakterisierung eines autostereoskopischen 3D-Displays
Schuster, Stefan
: Heinen, Gerd (Betreuer); Braehmer, Uwe (Betreuer)
Bachelor Thesis
2010Just-in-time activation of a glycolysis inspired metabolic network - solution with a dynamic optimization approach
Bartl, M.; Kötzibg, M.; Kaleta, C.; Schuster, S.; Li, P.
Conference Paper
2010Model-based optimization to explain liver zonantion in nitrogen metabolism
Bartl, M.; Pfaff, M.; Töpfer, S.; Zellmer, S.; Schuster, S.; Gebhardt, R.; Li, P.
Conference Paper
2006Who ate whom? Adaptive Helicobacter genomic changes that accompanied a host jump from early humans to large felines
Eppinger, M.; Baar, C.; Linz, B.; Raddatz, G.; Lanz, C.; Keller, H.; Morelli, G.; Gressmann, H.; Achtman, M.; Schuster, S.C.
Journal Article
2000Vorrichtung zum Sortieren
Wolf, A.; Erhardt, S.; Volz, H.; Schuster, S.
1996Repositorybasiertes Reengineering objektorientierter Systemengineering
Groth, B.; Jähnichen, S.; Schuster, S.
Conference Paper