Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2013Evaluation of a xeno-free protocol for long-term cryopreservation of cord blood cells
Mairhofer, M.; Schulz, J.C.; Parth, M.; Beer, U.; Zimmermann, H.; Kolbus, A.
Journal Article
2012Automatisierte, oberflächenbasierte Kultivierung humaner Stammzellen in miniaturisierten Bioreaktoren
Meiser, I.; Lorig, H.; Gepp, M.M.; Gastrock, G.; Lemke, K.; Schulz, J.C.; Zimmermann, H.
Conference Paper
2012First steps towards the successful surface-based cultivation of human embryonic stem cells in hanging drop systems
Schulz, J.C.; Stumpf, P.S.; Katsen-Globa, A.; Sachinidis, A.; Hescheler, J.; Zimmermann, H.
Journal Article
2012Surface-based cryopreservation strategies for human embryonic stem cells
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Journal Article
2012Towards a xeno-free and fully chemically defined cryopreservation medium for maintaining viability, recovery, and antigen-specific functionality of PBMC during long-term storage
Schulz, J.C.; Germann, A.; Kemp-Kamke, B.; Mazzotta, A.; Briesen, H. von; Zimmermann, H.
Journal Article
2011Biological and physicochemical characterization of a serum- and xeno-free chemically defined cryopreservation procedure for adult human progenitor cells
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Journal Article
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Beier, A.F.J.; Schulz, J.C.; Dörr, D.; Katsen-Globa, A.; Sachinidis, A.; Hescheler, J.; Zimmermann, H.
Journal Article
2011Standardized serum-free cryomedia maintain peripheral blood mononuclear cell viability, recovery, and antigen-specific T-cell response compared to fetal calf serum-based medium
Germann, A.; Schulz, J.C.; Kemp-Kamke, B.; Zimmermann, H.; Briesen, H. von
Journal Article
2010Fortschritt in der regenerativen Medizin und der Impfstoffforschung durch den Einsatz mikrofluidischer Konzepte
Schulz, J.C.; Gastrock, G.; Briesen, H. von; Zimmermann, H.
Conference Paper
2009A comparative study of freezing single cells and spheroids: Towards a new model system for optimizing freezing protocols for cryobanking of human tumours
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Journal Article
2009Development and application of new storage-technologies for effective and secure cryobanking
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Conference Paper
2009Methods for encapsulation and storage of human stem cells in three dimensional alginate aggregates
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Conference Paper
2009P16-33. Standardized serum-free cryomedia have minimum cytotoxicity and maintain antigen-specific T-cell response
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Journal Article
2009Revealing of medical and biological relevant cellular processes by automated time lapse microscopy
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Conference Paper
2009The technology of the Global HIV Vaccine Research Cryorepository
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Journal Article
2008New modular HIV-cryosubstrates for secure and reliable sample identification and DMSO reduction in cryopreserved peripheral blood mononuclear cells
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Conference Paper, Journal Article