Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Elevated Free Phosphatidylcholine Levels in Cerebrospinal Fluid Distinguish Bacterial from Viral CNS Infections
Al-Mekhlafi, A.; Sühs, K.-W.; Schuchardt, S.; Kuhn, M.; Müller-Vahl, K.; Trebst, C.; Skripuletz, T.; Klawonn, F.; Stangel, M.; Pessler, F.
Journal Article
2021Limited Impact of Pivalate-Induced Secondary Carnitine Deficiency on Hepatic Transcriptome and Hepatic and Plasma Metabolome in Nursery Pigs
Ringseis, R.; Grundmann, S.M.; Schuchardt, S.; Most, E.; Eder, K.
Journal Article
2021The peppermint breath test: a benchmarking protocol for breath sampling and analysis using GC-MS
Wilkinson, M.; White, I.; Hamshere, K.; Holz, O.; Schuchardt, S.; Bellagambi, F.G.; Lomonaco, T.; Biagini, D.; Di, F.F.; Fowler, S.J.; et. al.
Journal Article
2020Assessment of major mental disorders in a German peripartum cardiomyopathy cohort
Pfeffer, T.J.; Herrmann, J.; Berliner, D.; König, T.; Winter, L.; Ricke-Hoch, M.; Ponimaskin, E.; Schuchardt, S.; Thum, T.; Hilfiker-Kleiner, D.; Bauersachs, J.; Kahl, K.G.
Journal Article
2020Targeted metabolomic profiling of cerebrospinal fluid from patients with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy
Luo, Y.; Möhn, N.; Al-Mekhlafi, A.; Schuchardt, S.; Skripuletz, T.; Sühs, W.; Pessler, F.; Stangel, M.
Journal Article
2019Cabin air quality – Quantitative comparison of volatile air contaminants at different flight phases during 177 commercial flights
Schuchardt, S.; Koch, W.; Rosenberger, W.
Journal Article
2019Characterization of Aerosol Release during Spraying of Isocyanate Products
Ehnes, C.; Genz, M.; Duwenhorst, J.; Krasnow, J.; Bleeke, J.; Schwarz, K.; Koch, W.; Schuchardt, S.
Journal Article
2019Occupational Exposure to Antibiotics in Poultry Feeding Farms
Paul, R.; Gerling, S.; Berger, M.; Blümlein, K.; Jäckel, U.; Schuchardt, S.
Journal Article
2018Breath volatile organic compounds of lung transplant recipients with and without chronic lung allograft dysfunction
Küppers, L.; Holz, Olaf; Schuchardt, Sven; Gottlieb, J.; Fuge, J.; Greer, M.; Hohlfeld, Jens M.
Journal Article
2018Development and evaluation of an in vitro test system for toxicity screening of aerosols released from consumer products and first application to aerosols from a hair straightening process
Ritter, Detlef; Bitsch, Annette; Elend, Manfred; Schuchardt, Sven; Hansen, Tanja; Brodbeck, Carsten; Knebel, Jan; Fuchs, Anne; Gronewold, Claas; Fautz, Rolf
Journal Article
2018Innenraumluftqualität in Verkehrsflugzeugen
Rosenberger, Wolfgang; Schuchardt, Sven; Baumstark-Khan, C.; Hahn, A.
Book Article
2016Comparison Of COPD related breath VOCs assessed by a compact high-resolution closed-loop GC-IMS and by standard GC-MS
Holz, O.; Allers, M.; Gaida, A.; Schuchardt, S.; Hohlfeld, J.M.; Zimmermann, S.
Journal Article
2016A dual center study to compare breath volatile organic compounds from smokers and non-smokers with and without COPD
Gaida, Arne; Holz, Olaf; Nell, Christoph; Schuchardt, Sven; Lavae-Mokhtari, Bianca; Kruse, Lena; Boas, Ursula; Langejuergen, Jens; Allers, Maria; Zimmermann, Stefan
Journal Article
2016Measurement of exhaled volatile organic compounds from patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) using closed gas loop GC-IMS and GC-APCI-MS
Allers, Maria; Langejuergen, Jens; Gaida, Arne; Holz, Olaf; Schuchardt, Sven; Hohlfeld, Jens M.; Zimmermann, Stefan
Journal Article
2016Method for identification of low soluble, biopersistent susts (GBS) - comparison of intratracheal installation and subacute inhalation
Creutzenberg, Otto H.; Hansen, Tanja; Schuchardt, Sven; Tillmann, Thomas; Knebel, Jan
Journal Article
2016Rating the value of COPD related breath VOCs in models created by linear discriminant analysis
Holz, O.; Gaida, A.; Nell, C.; Allers, M.; Schuchardt, S.; Zimmermann, S.; Koczulla, R.; Hohlfeld, J.M.
Journal Article
2016Toxicity of CeO2 nanoparticles estimated in a 90-day nose-only inhalation study
Schwotzer, Daniela; Niehof, Monika; Hansen, Tanja; Schuchardt, Sven; Tillmann, Thomas; Ernst, Heinrich; Creutzenberg, Otto H.
Journal Article
2015Breath volatile organic compound (VOC) COPD study at two DZL centers - Evaluation of site-specific VOC
Gaida, A.; Holz, O.; Nahidi, S.; Schuchardt, S.; Nell, C.; Koczulla, R.; Hohlfeld, J.
Journal Article
2015Comparison of breath VOCs collected from controls, healthy smokers, smokers with COPD, and ex-smokers with COPD at two sites
Gaida, A.; Nell, C.; Holz, O.; Schuchardt, S.; Koczulla, R.; Hohlfeld, J.
Journal Article
2015Comparison Of Breath Volatile Organic Compounds Collected From Healthy Controls, Healthy Smokers, Smokers With COPD, And Ex-Smokers With COPD At Two German Centers For Lung Research (dzl)
Gaida, A.; Holz, O.; Schuchardt, S.; Nell, C.; Boas, U.; Langejürgen, J.; Zimmermann, S.; Koczulla, A.R.; Hohlfeld, J.M.
Journal Article
2015Method for identification of low soluble, biopersistent dusts (GBS) at workplaces
Creutzenberg, Otto H.; Hansen, Tanja; Schuchardt, Sven; Tillmann, Thomas
Journal Article
2015Monitoring method for inhalation exposure to gas oil vapour and aerosol
Urbanus, J.; Banton, M.; Carter, M.; Dudzina, T.; Geudens, B.; Jones, R.; Niemeck, G.; Pizzella, G.; Tibaldi, R.; Williams, S.; Rohde, A.; Ketelslegers, H.; Berger-Preiß, E.; Koch, W.; Schuchardt, S.
2014CEFIC-LRI N1 Project: Inhalation toxicity of a synthetic amorphous silica (SAS) in rats
Creutzenberg, Otto H.; Pohlmann, Gerhard; Hansen, Tanja; Schuchardt, Sven; Ernst, Heinrich; Tillmann, Thomas; Schaudien, Dirk
Journal Article
2014The effect of flow rate on the level of volatile organic compounds (voc) in exhaled breath
Holz, Olaf; Gaida, Arne; Schuchardt, Sven; Langejuergen, Jens; Zimmermann, Stefan; Hohlfeld, Jens Michael
Journal Article
2014Untersuchungen zur Emission organischer Verbindungen in der Kabinenluft nach dem Enteisen von Verkehrsflugzeugen
Rosenberger, Wolfgang; Wrbitzky, Renate; Elend, Manfred; Schuchardt, Sven
Journal Article
2013Fast escape of hydrogen from gas cavities around corroding magnesium implants
Kuhlmann, Julia; Bartsch, Yvonne; Willbold, Elmar; Schuchardt, Sven; Holz, Olaf; Hort, Norbert; Höche, Daniel; Heineman, William R.; Witte, Frank
Journal Article
2013Microbial volatile organic compounds in moldy interiors
Schuchardt, Sven; Strube, Andrea
Journal Article
2013Relative oral bioavailability of glycidol from glycidyl fatty acid esters in rats
Appel, Klaus E.; Abraham, Klaus; Berger-Preiss, Edith; Hansen, Tanja; Apel, Elisabeth; Schuchardt, Sven; Vogt, Carla; Bakhiya, Nadiya; Creutzenberg, Otto; Lampen, Alfonso
Journal Article
2012A new analytical approach for the comprehensive characterization of polar xenobiotic organic compounds downgradient of old municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills
Preiß, A.; Berger-Preiß, E.; Elend, M.; Gerling, S.; Kühn, S.; Schuchardt, S.
Journal Article
2012Subacute and subchronic inhalation toxicity and dermal absorption of the nanoscaled zinc oxide Z-COTE HP1 in the rat
Creutzenberg, Otto H.; Ziemann, Christina; Hansen, Tanja; Ernst, Heinrich; Schaudien, Dirk; Schuchardt, Sven; Wiench, Karin; Bellmann, Bernd
Journal Article
2012Synthesis of N-Dodecylethanamide-DTTA and characterization by mass spectrometry, NMR and IR spectroscopy
Kongtso, Adeline
: Butenschön, Holger (Erstprüfer); Schuchardt, Sven (Zweitprüfer)
Bachelor Thesis
2011Discrepancy between high clastogenic activity of trans-beta-nitrostyrene in vitro and lack in carcinogenicity might be related to inactivating metabolism and its high reactivity towards thiol groups
Ziemann, Christina; Apitius, Florian; Elend, Manfred; Baumgartner, S.; Volk, J.; Ritter, Detlef; Steinfelder, H.J.; Schuchardt, Sven
Conference Paper
2010Non-Target-Analytik organischer Schadstoffe im Grundwasser
Preiß, A.; Schuchardt, S.; Godejohann, M.
Journal Article
2009Quantitative volatile metabolite profiling of common indoor fungi: Relevancy for indoor air analysis
Schuchardt, S.; Kruse, H.
Journal Article
2008An illicit love affair during the Third Reich
Milde-Kellers, A.; Krawczak, M.; Augustin, C.; Boomgaarden-Brandes, K.; Simeoni, E.; Kaatsch, H.J.; Mühlbauer, B.; Schuchardt, S.
Journal Article
2008Quantitative mass spectrometry to investigate epidermal growth factor receptor phosphorylation dynamics
Schuchardt, S.; Borlak, J.
Journal Article
2007Protein identification using mass spectrometry: A method overview
Schuchardt, S.; Sickmann, A.
Book Article