Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Cooperation and the role of autonomy in automated driving
Wessel, G.; Altendorf, E.; Schreck, C.; Canpolat, Y.; Flemisch, F.
Book Article
2019Human System Integration at System Limits and System Failure of Cooperatively Interacting Automobiles: Concept and First Results
Flemisch, F.O.; Schwalm, M.; Meyer, R.; Altendorf, E.; Lennartz, T.; Schreck, C.; Bavendiek, J.; Herzberger, N.D.
Journal Article
2018Learning from the best - naturalistic arbitration for cooperative driving
Weßel, G.; Schreck, C.; Altendorf, E.; Canpolat, Y.; Flemisch, F.
Conference Paper
2017A new method and results for analyzing decision-making processes in automated driving on highways
Altendorf, Eugen; Schreck, Constanze; Flemisch, Frank
Conference Paper
2016Automated driving using shared and cooperative guidance and control: Revisiting past research with a new model
Altendorf, E.; Baltzer, M.; Canpolat, Y.; Lopez, D.; Schreck, C.; Weßel, G.; Flemisch, F.
Journal Article
2010Schaumkeramik als Katalysatorsystem
Jahn, M.; Michaelis, A.; Pohl, M.; Schreck, C.
Journal Article