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2019Although there is no physical short-term scarcity of phosphorus, its resource efficiency should be improved
Scholz, Roland W.; Wellmer, Friedrich-Wilhelm
Journal Article
2018Feebates for dealing with trade-offs on fertilizer subsidies: A conceptual framework for environmental management
Scholz, Roland W.; Geissler, Bernhard
Journal Article
2018What is the optimal and sustainable lifetime of a mine?
Wellmer, Friedrich-Wilhelm; Scholz, Roland W.
Journal Article
2016Comment on: "Recent revisions of phosphate rock reserves and resources: a critique" by Edixhoven et al. (2014) - clarifying comments and thoughts on key conceptions, conclusions and interpretation to allow for sustainable action
Scholz, Roland W.; Wellmer, E.-W.
Journal Article
2015Transdisciplinarity at the crossroads. Editorial
Scholz, Roland W.; Steiner, Gerald
Journal Article
2015Understanding car buying behavior
Peters, Anja; Haan, Peter de; Scholz, Roland W.
Journal Article