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2019Crosstalk Effects of Differential Thin-Film Microstrip Lines in Multilayer Motherboards
Phung, G.N.; Schmückle, F.J.; Doerner, R.; Fritzsch, T.; Schulz, S.; Heinrich, W.
Conference Paper
2019Influence of microwave probes on calibrated on-wafer measurements
Phung, G.N.; Schmückle, F.J.; Doerner, R.; Kähne, B.; Fritzsch, T.; Arz, U.; Heinrich, W.
Journal Article
2017Impact of parasitic coupling on multiline TRL calibration
Phung, G.N.; Schmückle, F.J.; Doerner, R.; Fritzsch, T.; Heinrich, W.
Conference Paper
2007Evaluation of micro structured glass layers as dielectric-and passivation material for wafer level integrated thin film capacitors and resistors
Zoschke, K.; Feige, C.; Wolf, J.; Mund, D.; Töpper, M.; Ehrmann, O.; Schmückle, F.J.; Reichl, H.
Conference Paper
2007Fabrication of application specific integrated passive devices using wafer level packaging technologies
Zoschke, K.; Wolf, M.J.; Töpper, M.; Ehrmann, O.; Fritzsch, T.; Kaletta, K.; Schmückle, F.J.; Reichl, H.
Journal Article
2005W-band flip-chip VCO in thin-film environment
Töpper, M.; Schmückle, F.J.; Lenk, F.; Hutter, M.; Klein, M.; Oppermann, H.; Engelmann, G.; Riepe, K.; Heinrich, W.
Conference Paper
1998Coplanar high gain millimeter wave amplifier module
Ferling, D.; Florjancic, M.; Gutu-Nelle, A.; Richter, H.; Heinrich, W.; Schmückle, F.J.; Schlechtweg, M.
Conference Paper
1997System Integration for High Frequency Applications
Töpper, M.; Wolf, J.; Schmückle, F.J.; Heinrich, W.; Buschick, K.; Owzar, A.; Ehrmann, O.; Reichl, H.
Conference Paper