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2014Operating system concepts for embedded multicores
Horst, Oliver; Schmidt, Adriaan
Conference Paper
2014Saving energy by means of dynamic load management in embedded multicore systems
Becker, Matthias; Schmidt, Adriaan; Orehek, Martin; Nolte, Thomas
Conference Paper
2013Evaluation of load balancing methods on embedded multicore systems and their effect on power consumption
Becker, Matthias
: Orehek, Martin; Fischer, Max (Supervisor); Schmidt, Adriaan (Supervisor)
Master Thesis
2013Integrated tracing for debugging and performance optimization of embedded multicore applications
Rafiq, Salman; Schmidt, Adriaan; Strebelow, Ronald; Prehofer, Christian
2013Systematic modeling of workflows in trace-based software debugging and optimization
Rafiq, Salman; Schmidt, Adriaan
Conference Paper
2012Software-based online monitoring of cache contents on platforms without coherence fabric
Schmidt, Adriaan; Horst, Oliver
Conference Paper