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2021Identification and In-Depth Analysis of the Novel FGFR2-NDC80 Fusion in a Cholangiocarcinoma Patient: Implication for Therapy
Scheiter, A.; Keil, F.; Lüke, F.; Grosse, J.; Verloh, N.; Opitz, S.; Schlosser, S.; Kandulski, A.; Pukrop, T.; Dietmaier, W.; Evert, M.; Calvisi, D.F.; Utpatel, K.
Journal Article
2016Seamless Interrelation Between Business Strategies and Tactical Planning
Jäkel, F.-W.; Schlosser, S.; Otto, B.; Petrovic, D.; Niknejad, A.
Conference Paper
2014Toward a decision model for master data application architecture
Baghi, Ehsan; Schlosser, Simon; Ebner, Verena; Otto, Boris; Oesterle, Hubert
Conference Paper
2014Toward a functional reference model for business rules management
Schlosser, Simon; Baghi, Ehsan; Otto, Boris; Österle, H.
Conference Paper
2014Toward a Taxonomy of the DATA Resource in the Networked Industry
Otto, Boris; Abraham, Rene; Schlosser, Simon
Conference Paper
2014Toward a taxonomy of the DATA resource in the networked industry
Otto, Boris; Abraham, Rene; Schlosser, Simon
2012Tool-support for perspective-based views on software requirements documents
Schlosser, Simon