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2016High-productive aluminum deposition of back contacts for hetero-junction solar cells by electron beam evaporation
Heinß, Jens-Peter; Schlemm, Hermann; Wünsch, Frank
Conference Paper
2008Plasma cluster processing for advanced solar cell manufacturing
Rentsch, J.; Seiffe, J.; Walter, F.; Hofmann, M.; Weiss, L.; Gautero, L.; Decker, D.; Schlemm, H.; Preu, R.
Conference Paper
2007Flexcellence: Towards roll-to-roll mass-production of low cost thin film silicon solar cells
Ballif, C.; Terrazzoni-Daudrix, V.; Haug, F.-J.; Fischer, D.; Soppe, W.; Loffler, J.; Andreu, J.; Fahland, M.; Schlemm, H.; Topic, M.
Conference Paper
2007Industrial realization of dry plasma etching for PSG removal and rear side emitter etching
Rentsch, J.; Decker, D.; Hofmann, M.; Schlemm, H.; Roth, K.; Preu, R.
Conference Paper
2005Industrialisation of dry phosphorus silicate glass etching and edge isolation for crystalline silicon solar cells
Rentsch, J.; Schetter, C.; Schlemm, H.; Roth, K.; Preu, R.
Conference Paper
2004Dry phosphorus silicate glass etching for crystalline Si solar cells
Rentsch, J.; Binaie, F.; Schetter, C.; Schlemm, H.; Roth, K.; Theirich, D.; Preu, R.
Conference Paper
2004Inline plasma etching of silicon oxides and nitrides for dry processing in silicon solar cell fabrication
Roth, K.; Rentsch, J.; Binaie, F.; Schetter, C.; Preu, R.; Schlemm, H.
Conference Paper