Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Targeted insertion of large DNA sequences by homology-directed repair or non-homologous end joining in engineered tobacco BY-2 cells using designed zinc finger nucleases
Schiermeyer, Andreas; Schneider, Katja; Kirchhoff, Janina; Schmelter, Thomas; Koch, Natalie; Ke, Jiang; Herwartz, Denise; Blue, Ryan; Marri, Pradeep; Samuel, Pon; Corbin, David R.; Webb, Steven R.; Gonzalez, Delkin O.; Folkerts, Otto; Fischer, Rainer; Schinkel, Helga; Ainley, W. Michael; Schillberg, Stefan
Journal Article
2016Acquired immune responses to three malaria vaccine candidates and their relationship to invasion inhibition in two populations naturally exposed to malaria
Addai-Mensah, O.; Seidel, M.; Amidu, N.; Maskus, DJ.; Kapelski, S.; Breuer, G.; Franken, C.; Owusu-Dabo, E.; Frempong, M.; Rakotozandrindrainy, R.; Schinkel, H.; Reimann, A.; Klockenbring, T.; Barth, S.; Fischer, R.; Fendel, R.
Journal Article
2016Genome editing: intellectual property and product development in plant biotechnology
Schinkel, H.; Schillberg, S.
Journal Article
2016Targeted gene exchange in plant cells mediated by a zinc finger nuclease double cut
Schneider, Katja; Schiermeyer, Andreas; Dolls, Anja; Koch, Natalie; Herwartz, Denise; Kirchhoff, Janina; Fischer, Rainer; Russell, Sean M.; Cao, Zehui; Corbin, David R.; Sastry-Dent, Lakshmi; Ainley, W. Michael; Webb, Steven R.; Schinkel, Helga; Schillberg, Stefan
Journal Article
2015Optimization of a multi-stage, multi-subunit malaria vaccine candidate for the production in Pichia pastoris by the identification and removal of protease cleavage sites
Spiegel, H.; Schinkel, H.; Kastilan, R.; Dahm, P.; Boes, A.; Scheuermayer, M.; Chudobova, I.; Maskus, D.; Fendel, R.; Schillberg, S.; Reimann, A.; Fischer, R.
Journal Article
2013Plant-based production of recombinant plasmodium surface protein Pf38 and evaluation of its potential as a vaccine candidate
Feller, Tanja; Thom, Pascal; Koch, Natalie; Spiegel, Holger; Addai-Mensah, Otchere; Fischer, Rainer; Reimann, Andreas; Pradel, Gabriele; Fendel, Rolf; Schillberg, Stefan; Scheuermayer, Matthias; Schinkel, Helga
Journal Article
2012Method for the generation of a monoclonal plant cell line
Kirchhoff, Janina; Schillberg, Stefan; Schiermeyer, Andreas; Schinkel, Helga; Fischer, Rainer
2012Monoclonal tobacco cell lines with enhanced recombinant protein yields can be generated from heterogeneous cell suspension cultures by flow sorting
Kirchhoff, Janina; Raven, Nicole; Boes, Alexander; Roberts, Jean L.; Russell, Sean; Treffenfeldt, Wiltrud; Fischer, Rainer; Schinkel, Helga; Schiermeyer, Andreas; Schillberg, Stefan
Journal Article
2011One-step protein purification: Use of a novel epitope tag for highly efficient detection and purification of recombinant proteins
Rasche, S.; Martin, A.; Holzem, A.; Fischer, R.; Schinkel, H.; Schillberg, S.
Journal Article
2010A monoclonal antibody that specifically binds chitosan in vitro and in situ on fungal cell walls
Schubert, M.; Agdour, S.; Fischer, R.; Olbrich, Y.; Schinkel, H.; Schillberg, S.
Journal Article
2008Infrared picosecond laser for perforation of single plant cells
Schinkel, H.; Jacobs, P.; Schillberg, S.; Wehner, M.
Journal Article
2007Downregulation of high-isoelectric-point extracellular superoxide dismutase mediates alterations in the metabolism of reactive oxygen species and developmental disturbances in hybrid aspen
Srivastava, V.; Schinkel, H.; Witzell, J.; Hertzberg, M.; Torp, M.; Srivastava, M.K.; Karpinska, B.; Melzer, M.; Wingsle, G.
Journal Article
2007Laser-mediated perforation of plant cells
Wehner, M.; Jacobs, P.; Esser, D.; Schinkel, H.; Schillberg, S.
Conference Paper
2005Production of an active recombinant thrombomodulin derivative in transgenic tobacco plants and suspension cells
Schinkel, H.; Schiermeyer, A.; Soeur, R.; Fischer, R.; Schillberg, S.
Journal Article
2005Production of Desmodus rotundus plasminogen activator alpha1 (DSPA alpha1) in tobacco is hampered by proteolysis
Schiermeyer, A.; Schinkel, H.; Apel, S.; Fischer, R.; Schillberg, S.
Journal Article
2004Production of pharmaceutical proteins in plants and plant cell suspension cultures
Schiermeyer, A.; Dorfmüller, S.; Schinkel, H.
Book Article