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2015Engineered Versions of Granzyme B and Angiogenin Overcome Intrinsic Resistance to Apoptosis Mediated by Human Cytolytic Fusion Proteins
Cremer, C.; Hehmann-Titt, G.; Schiffer, S.; Melmer, G.; Carloni, P.; Barth, S.; Nachreiner, T.
Book Article
2014Novel immunoproteases
Barth, Stefan; Schiffer, Sonja
2014Targeted ex vivo reduction of CD64-positive monocytes in chronic myelomonocytic leukemia and acute myelomonocytic leukemia using human granzyme B-based cytolytic fusion proteins
Schiffer, S.; Rosinke, R.; Jost, E.; Hehmann-Titt, G.; Huhn, M.; Melmer, G.; Barth, S.; Thepen, T.
Journal Article
2013Efficacy of an adapted granzyme B-based anti-CD30 cytolytic fusion protein against PI-9-positive classical Hodgkin lymphoma cells in a murine model
Schiffer, S.; Hansen, H.P.; Hehmann-Titt, G.; Huhn, M.; Fischer, R.; Barth, S.; Thepen, T.
Journal Article
2013Granzyme M as a novel effector molecule for human cytolytic fusion proteins: CD64-specific cytotoxicity of Gm-H22(scFv) against leukemic cells
Schiffer, S.; Letzian, S.; Jost, E.; Mladenov, R.; Hristodorov, D.; Huhn, M.; Fischer, R.; Barth, S.; Thepen, T.
Journal Article
2013Improving the therapeutic potential of human granzyme B and evaluation of granzyme M as novel effector molecules in cytolytic fusion proteins for the treatment of Serpin B9-positive cancer
Schiffer, S.
2013Species-Dependent Functionality of the Human Cytolytic Fusion Proteins Granzyme B-H22(scFv) and H22(scFv)-Angiogenin in Macrophages
Schiffer, S.; Hristodorov, D.; Mladenov, R.; Aslanian, E.; Huhn, M.; Fischer, R.; Barth, S.; Thepen, T.
Journal Article
2012Design of human granzyme B variants resistant to serpin B9
Losasso, V.; Schiffer, S.; Barth, S.; Carloni, P.
Journal Article
2012An evaluation framework for traffic information systems based on data streams
Geisler, Sandra; Quix, Christoph; Schiffer, Stefan; Jarke, Matthias
Journal Article