Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Optimizing product quality in molecular farming
Schiermeyer, Andreas
Journal Article
2019Generation of transgenic cell suspension cultures of the model legume Medicago truncatula: A rapid method for Agrobacterium mediated gene transfer
Santos, Rita B.; Pires, Ana Sofia; Hoorn, Renier A.L. van der; Schiermeyer, Andreas; Abranches, Rita
Journal Article
2019Genome Editing in Agriculture: Technical and Practical Considerations
Jansing, Julia; Schiermeyer, Andreas; Schillberg, Stefan; Fischer, Rainer; Bortesi, Luisa
Journal Article
2019Targeted insertion of large DNA sequences by homology-directed repair or non-homologous end joining in engineered tobacco BY-2 cells using designed zinc finger nucleases
Schiermeyer, Andreas; Schneider, Katja; Kirchhoff, Janina; Schmelter, Thomas; Koch, Natalie; Ke, Jiang; Herwartz, Denise; Blue, Ryan; Marri, Pradeep; Samuel, Pon; Corbin, David R.; Webb, Steven R.; Gonzalez, Delkin O.; Folkerts, Otto; Fischer, Rainer; Schinkel, Helga; Ainley, W. Michael; Schillberg, Stefan
Journal Article
2018The levels of peroxisomal catalase protein and activity modulate the onset of cell death in tobacco BY-2 cells via reactive oxygen species levels and autophagy
Tyutereva, Elena V.; Dobryakova, Ksenia S.; Schiermeyer, Andreas; Shishova, Maria F.; Pawlowski, Katharina; Demidchik, Vadim; Reumann, Sigrun; Voitsekhovskaja, Olga V.
Journal Article
2018Low protease content in Medicago truncatula cell cultures facilitates recombinant protein production
Santos, Rita B.; Chandrasekar, Balakumaran; Mandal, Manoj K.; Kaschani, Farnush; Kaiser, Markus; Both, Leonard; Hoorn, Renier A.L. van der; Schiermeyer, Andreas; Abranches, Rita
Journal Article
2016Developments in the production of mucosal antibodies in plants
Vasilev, Nikolay; Smales, C. Mark; Schillberg, Stefan; Fischer, Rainer; Schiermeyer, Andreas
Journal Article
2016Tackling unwanted proteolysis in plant production hosts used for molecular farming
Mandal, Manoj K.; Ahvari, Houtan; Schillberg, Stefan; Schiermeyer, Andreas
Journal Article
2016Targeted gene exchange in plant cells mediated by a zinc finger nuclease double cut
Schneider, Katja; Schiermeyer, Andreas; Dolls, Anja; Koch, Natalie; Herwartz, Denise; Kirchhoff, Janina; Fischer, Rainer; Russell, Sean M.; Cao, Zehui; Corbin, David R.; Sastry-Dent, Lakshmi; Ainley, W. Michael; Webb, Steven R.; Schinkel, Helga; Schillberg, Stefan
Journal Article
2015Over-expression of Trxo1 increases the viability of tobacco BY-2 cells under H2O2 treatment
Ortiz-Espín, Ana; Locato, Vittoria; Camejo, Daymi; Schiermeyer, Andreas; Gara, Laura de; Sevilla, Francisca; Jiménez, Ana
Journal Article
2014Inhibition of protease activity by antisense RNA improves recombinant protein production in Nicotiana tabacum cv. Bright Yellow 2 (BY-2) suspension cells
Mandal, Manoj K.; Fischer, Rainer; Schillberg, Stefan; Schiermeyer, Andreas
Journal Article
2014Plant peroxisomes are degraded by starvation-induced and constitutive autophagy in tobacco BY-2 suspension-cultured cells
Voitsekhovskaja, Olga V.; Schiermeyer, Andreas; Reumann, Sigrun
Journal Article
2012Comprehensive characterization of two different Nicotiana tabacum cell lines leads to doubled GFP and HA protein production by media optimization
Ullisch, David A.; Müller, Christina A.; Maibaum, Sabrina; Kirchhoff, Janina; Schiermeyer, Andreas; Schillberg, Stefan; Roberts, Jean L.; Treffenfeldt, Wiltrud; Büchs, Jochen
Journal Article
2012Development of an optimized tetracycline-inducible expression system to increase the accumulation of interleukin-10 in tobacco BY-2 suspension cells
Bortesi, Luisa; Rademacher, Thomas; Schiermeyer, Andreas; Schuster, Flora; Pezzotti, Mario; Schillberg, Stefan
Journal Article
2012Method for the generation of a monoclonal plant cell line
Kirchhoff, Janina; Schillberg, Stefan; Schiermeyer, Andreas; Schinkel, Helga; Fischer, Rainer
2012Monoclonal tobacco cell lines with enhanced recombinant protein yields can be generated from heterogeneous cell suspension cultures by flow sorting
Kirchhoff, Janina; Raven, Nicole; Boes, Alexander; Roberts, Jean L.; Russell, Sean; Treffenfeldt, Wiltrud; Fischer, Rainer; Schinkel, Helga; Schiermeyer, Andreas; Schillberg, Stefan
Journal Article
2012Plant molecular pharming, pharmaceuticals for human health
Schiermeyer, Andreas; Schillberg, S.
Book Article