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2019A Combined Methodology to Include System Effects in Board-Level Stress Simulations
Dudek, R.; Hildebrandt, M.; Rzepka, S.; Döring, R.; Scheiter, L.; Tröger, B.; Zhang, M.J.; Ortmann, R.W.
Conference Paper
2018Stress analyses in HPC-soldered assemblies by optical measurement and FEA
Dudek, R.; Döring, R.; Rzepka, S.; Herberholz, T.; Feil, D.; Seiler, B.; Scheiter, L.; Schellenberg, C.; Fritzsche, S.
Conference Paper
2017Board level reliability assessment of consumer components for automotive use by simulation and sophisticated optical deformation analyses
Dudek, R.; Hildebrand, M.; Rzepka, S.; Beintner, J.; Döring, R.; Scheiter, L.; Seiler, B.; Fries, T.; Ortmann, R.W.
Conference Paper
2017Thermo-mechanical and mechanical robustness of the INCOBAT smart battery management system
Otto, A.; Rzepka, S.; Döring, R.; Scheiter, L.; Armengaud, E.
Conference Paper
2014In-situ analysis of an industrial material compound package by means of X-ray micro tomography and digital volume correlation
Haase, S.; Noack, E.; Scheiter, L.; Seiler, B.; Dost, M.; Rzepka, S.
Conference Paper
2014In-situ characterization of microelectronic systems using 2D digital image correlation and 3D digital volume correlation of X-ray microtomography images
Seiler, B.; Haase, S.; Noack, E.; Erb, R.; Scheiter, L.
Book Article
2013Characterization of the thermo-mechanical deformation behaviour of composite materials for power electronics using digital image correlation method microDAC
Seiler, B.; Dudek, R.; Scheiter, L.; Kreyssig, K.; Haase, S.
Conference Paper
2013Imaging device and method for optical 3d deformation characterization of materials. composites and components.
Dost, M.; Scheiter, L.; Seiler, B.; Lauenstein, T.; Haase, S.
Conference Paper
2011Correlation based local measurement of small CTE for high temperature power electronics packaging
Hammacher, J.; Dost, M.; Seiler, B.; Scheiter, L.; Noack, E.; Rzepka, S.; Michel, B.
Conference Paper
2011Three-dimensional deformation analysis of MEMS/NEMS by means of X-ray computer-tomography
Hammacher, J.; Dost, M.; Faust, W.; Scheiter, L.; Erb, R.; Michel, B.
Conference Paper