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2021Data Sovereignty and Data Economy - Two Repulsive Forces?. Position Paper
Lauf, Florian; Scheider, Simon; Meister, Sven; Radic, Marija; Herrmann, Philipp; Schulze, Max; Nemat, André T.; Becker, Sarah J.; Rebbert, Marcel; Abate, Constantin; Konrad, Ralf; Bartsch, Jan; Dehling, Tobias; Sunyaev, Ali
2017Why good data analysts need to be critical synthesists. Determining the role of semantics in data analysis
Scheider, S.; Ostermann, F.O.; Adams, B.
Journal Article
2010Spatial data mining in practice
Körner, C.; Hecker, D.; Krause-Traudes, M.; May, M.; Scheider, S.; Schulz, D.; Stange, H.; Wrobel, S.
Book Article
2008Associative classifiers for predictive analytics: Comparative performance study
Vyas, R.; Sharma, L.K.; Vyas, O.P.; Scheider, S.
Conference Paper
2008Efficient clustering technique for regionalisation of a spatial database
Sharma, L.K.; Scheider, S.; Klösgen, W.; Vyas, O.P.
Journal Article
2008Pedestrian flow prediction in extensive road networks using biased observational data
Scheider, S.; May, M.; Rösler, R.; Schulz, D.; Hecker, D.
Conference Paper
2008Spatial data mining for retail sails forecasting
Krause-Traudes, M.; Scheider, S.; Rüping, S.; Meßner, H.
Conference Paper
2008A vector-geometry based spatial kNN-algorithm for traffic frequency predictions
May, M.; Hecker, D.; Körner, C.; Scheider, S.; Schulz, D.
Conference Paper
2007A method for inductive estimation of public transport traffic using spatial network characteristics
Scheider, S.; May, M.
Conference Paper
2007Specifying essential features of street networks
Scheider, S.; Schulz, D.
Conference Paper
2005Patterns in spatial analysis - detection framework and examples
Scheider, S.; Voss, A.; Perrefort, S.
Conference Paper
2004GIS-Visionen: Fast alle Daten werden verortet sein
Voss, H.; Scheider, S.; Hecker, D.; Voss, A.
Journal Article
2004Interactive visual exploration of multidimensional data: Requirements for CommonGIS with OLAP
Voss, A.; Voss, H.; Hernandez, V.; Scheider, S.
Conference Paper
2004Knowledge discovery, thematic maps, and e-discussion as means for a sustainable decision making in developing countries
Göhring, W.; Roeder, S.; Rudolph, V.; Salz, S.; Savinov, A.; Scheider, S.; Hopmann, C.
Conference Paper
Hecker, D.; May, M.; Scheider, S.; Voss, A.
Journal Article
2003Einfach kinderleicht - Interaktive Verortung, Animation und Analyse von Naturbeobachtungen
Scheider, S.; Dibbern, B.; Freiberg, H.; Voss, H.
Journal Article