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202168.9% Efficient GaAs-Based Photonic Power Conversion Enabled by Photon Recycling and Optical Resonance
Helmers, H.; Lopez, E.; Höhn, O.; Lackner, D.; Schön, J.; Schauerte, M.; Schachtner, M.; Dimroth, F.; Bett, A.W.
Journal Article
2021Current Mismatch and Luminescence Coupling in Three-junction Photonic Power Converters with and without Back Reflector
Lopez, E.; Höhn, O.; Schauerte, M.; Lackner, D.; Schachtner, M.; Reichmuth, S.K.; Helmers, H.
Conference Paper
2021Experimental Coupling Process Efficiency and Benefits of Back Surface Reflectors in Photovoltaic Multi-junction Photonic Power Converters
Lopez, E.; Höhn, O.; Schauerte, M.; Lackner, D.; Schachtner, M.; Reichmuth, K.; Helmers, H.
Journal Article
2019GaAs Multi-Junction Laser Power Converters at AZUR SPACE. Current Status and Development Activities
Keller, G.; Fuhrmann, D.; Wierzowski, T.; Volk, A.-K.; Fuhrmann, B.; Horst, L.; Wächter, C.; Schauerte, M.; Helmers, H.; Khorenko, V.
2019Highly Efficient III-V Based Photovoltaic Laser Power Converters
Helmers, H.; Höhn, O.; Lackner, D.; Lopez, E.; Ruiz-Preciado, L.; Schauerte, M.; Siefer, G.; Dimroth, F.; Bett, A.W.
2015Charge balancing in GaN-based 2-D electron gas devices employing an additional 2-D hole gas and its influence on dynamic behaviour of GaN-based heterostructure field effect transistors
Hahn, H.; Reuters, B.; Geipel, S.; Schauerte, M.; Benkhelifa, F.; Ambacher, O.; Kalisch, H.; Vescan, A.
Journal Article