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2016Association of Improvement in Pain with Therapeutic Response as Determined by Individual Improvement Criteria in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Scharbatke, E.C.; Behrens, F.; Schmalzing, M.; Koehm, M.; Greger, G.; Gnann, H.; Burkhardt, H.; Tony, H.-P.
Journal Article
2015The impact of prior biologic therapy on adalimumab response in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
Feuchtenberger, M.; Kleinert, S.; Scharbatke, E.C.; Gnann, H.; Behrends, F.; Wittig, B.M.; Greger, G.; Tony, H.P.
Journal Article
2015Predictors of therapeutic response in ankylosing spondylitis patients initiating therapy with adalimumab in a german non-interventional study
Koehm, M.; Behrens, F.; Scharbatke, E.C.; Schmalzing, M.; Gnann, H.; Greger, G.; Wittig, B.; Tony, H.P.; Burkhardt, H.
2014Effects of methotrexate on anti-TNF treatment in rheumatoid arthritis
Schmalzing, M.; Behrens, F.; Scharbatke, E.C.; Koehm, M.; Wittig, B.; Greger, G.; Burkhardt, H.; Tony, H.P.
2014Rheumatoid factor status is a predictor of osteoporosis in patients with psoriatic arthritis
Behrens, F.; Koehm, M.; Scharbatke, E.C.; Wittig, B.; Schmalzing, M.; Gnann, H.; Lorenz, H.M.; Thaci, D.; Burkhardt, H.
2013Development and validation of a new disease activity score in 28 joints–based treatment response criterion for rheumatoid arthritis
Behrens, F.; Tony, H.-P.; Alten, R.; Kleinert, S.; Scharbatke, E.C.; Köhm, M.; Gnann, H.; Tams, J.; Greger, G.; Burkhardt, H.
Journal Article