Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Combination of Refractometry and Densimetry - A Promising Option for Fast Raw Methanol Analysis
Martens, M.; Hadrich, M.J.; Nestler, F.; Ouda, M.; Schaadt, A.
Journal Article
2020Energy Efficiency and Economic Assessment of Imported Energy Carriers Based on Renewable Electricity
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Journal Article
2020Environmental Assessment of OME3-5 Synfuel Production via the Power-to-Liquid Pathway
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Conference Paper
2020Kinetic modelling of methanol synthesis over commercial catalysts
Nestler, Florian; Schütze, Arif Reiner; Salem, Mohamed Kamal Ouda; Hadrich, Max Julius; Schaadt, Achim; Bajohr, Siegfried; Kolb, Thomas
Journal Article
2020New Routes for Efficient and Sustainable Oxymethylene Ethers Synthesis
Salem, Mohamed Kamal Ouda
: Klein, Harald (Referent); Kraume, Matthias (Referent); Schaadt, Achim (Betreuer); White, Robin (Betreuer)
2020Wasserstoff-Roadmap Baden-Württemberg
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Journal Article
2019Gas permeation properties of NaA zeolite membranes: Effect of silica source on hydrogel synthesis and layer thickness
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Journal Article
2019Oxidative Fluorination of Cu/ZnO Methanol Catalysts
Dybbert, V.; Fehr, S.M.; Klein, F.; Schaadt, A.; Hoffmann, A.; Frei, E.; Erdem, E.; Ludwig, T.; Hillebrecht, H.; Krossing, I.
Journal Article
2019Verfahren zur Herstellung von Polyoxymethylendimethylether
Salem, Ouda; Schaadt, Achim; White, Robin
2018Base Catalysed Hydrothermal Reformation of Kraft Lignin
Otromke, Malte
: Sauer, Jörg (Referent); Laborie, Marie-Pierre (Referentin); Aicher, Thomas (Betreuer); Schaadt, Achim (Betreuer); White, Robin J. (Betreuer)
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
2018Methanol synthesis - industrial challenges within a changing raw material landscape
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
2018Towards a Sustainable Synthesis of Oxymethylene Dimethyl Ether by Homogeneous Catalysis and Uptake of Molecular Formaldehyde
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Journal Article
2017Palladium/ruthenium composite membrane for hydrogen separation from the off-gas of solar cell production via chemical vapor deposition
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Journal Article
2017Poly(oxymethylene) dimethyl ether synthesis
Ouda, M.; Yarce, G.; White, R.J.; Hadrich, M.; Himmel, D.; Schaadt, A.; Klein, H.; Jacob, E.; Krossing, I.
Journal Article
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Hank, C.; Hömberg, J.; White, R.; Schaadt, A.
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Journal Article
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Conference Paper
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Conference Paper
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Journal Article
2014Das Power-to-Liquid-Konzept am Beispiel von Methanol
Schaadt, A.; Ouda, M.; Aicher, T.; Krossing, I.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
Rochlitz, L.; Schaadt, A.
Book Article
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2009A portable fuel processor for hydrogen production from ethanol in a 250 W-el fuel cell system
Aicher, T.; Full, J.; Schaadt, A.
Journal Article
2007Wasserstofferzeugung durch autotherme Reformierung von Bioethanol
Schaadt, A.; Alhucema Arias, R.; Aicher, T.; Northrop, W.
Journal Article