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2008Use of nanoparticles in the intumescence process of fire protection coatings
Deppe, B.; Kruse, D.; Keton, Y.; Gettwert, V.; Rickers, J.; Kröber, H.; Berkei, M.; Nolte, U.; Sawitowski, T.; Hollmann, D.; Nennemann, A.; Berger, K.-H.; Krueger, P.; Schoke, B.; Winkler, J.
Conference Paper
2001Optical properties of quasi one-dimensional chains of gold nanoparticles
Sawitowski, T.; Miquel, Y.; Heilmann, A.; Schmid, G.
Journal Article
2000Nanoporous alumina coatings for medical implants and stents-radiotherapy, drug delivery, biological compatibility
Sawitowski, T.; Brandau, W.; Fischer, A.; Heilmann, A.; Schmid, G.
Conference Paper
1999Determination of the pore size and the vertical structure of nanoporous aluminium oxide membranes
Heilmann, A.; Altmann, F.; Katzer, D.; Müller, F.; Sawitowski, T.; Schmid, G.
Journal Article
1998Photoluminescent silicon in nanoporous aluminium oxide
Heilmann, A.; Jutzi, P.; Klipp, A.; Kreibig, U.; Neuendorf, R.; Sawitowski, T.; Schmid, G.
Conference Paper