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2016Chemical synthesis of iron antimonide (FeSb2) and its thermoelectric properties
Saleemi, Mohsin; Tafti, Mohsen Y.; Jacquot, Alexandre; Jägle, Martin; Johnsson, Mats; Toprak, Muhammet S.
Journal Article
2015Fabrication and characterization of nanostructured thermoelectric FexCo1-xSb3
Tafti, Mohsen Yakshi; Saleemi, Mohsin; Toprak, Muhammet S.; Johnsson, Mats; Jacquot, Alexandre; Jägle, Martin; Muhammed, Mamoun
Journal Article
2015Temperature dependent structure stability studies on thermoelectric Yb0.025Fe0.3Co0.7Sb3
Tafti, Mohsen Y.; Saleemi, Mohsin; Johnsson, Mats; Jacquot, Alexandre; Toprak, Muhammet S.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2014Evaluation of the structure and transport properties of nanostructured antimony telluride (Sb2Te3)
Saleemi, M.; Ruditskiy, A.; Toprak, M.S.; Stingaciu, M.; Johnsson, M.; Kretzschmar, I.; Jacquot, A.; Jägle, M.; Muhammed, M.
Journal Article
2013Anisotropy and inhomogeneity measurement of the transport properties of spark plasma sintered thermoelectric materials
Jacquot, A.; Rull, M.; Moure, A.; Fernandez-Lozano, J.F.; Martin-Gonzalez, M.; Saleemi, M.; Toprak, M.S.; Muhammed, M.; Jaegle, M.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2013Fabrication and characterization of nanostructured bulk skutterudites
Tafti, M.Y.; Saleemi, M.; Jacquot, Alexandre; Jägle, Martin; Muhammed, M.; Toprak, M.S.
Conference Paper
2013Fabrication of nanostructured bulk Cobalt Antimonide (CoSb3) based skutterudites via bottom-up synthesis
Saleemi, M.; Tafti, M.Y.; Toprak, M.S.; Stingaciu, M.; Johnsson, M.; Jägle, M.; Jacquot, A.; Muhammed, M.
Journal Article, Conference Paper