Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Deep surface relief grating in azobenzene-containing materials using a low-intensity 532 nm laser
Sakhno, Oksana; Goldenberg, Leonid; Wegener, Michael; Stumpe, Joachim
Journal Article
2018Bragg polarization gratings used as switchable elements in AR/VR holographic displays
Sakhno, Oksana; Gritsai, Yuri; Sahm, Hagen; Stumpe, Joachim; Wegener, Michael
Conference Paper
2018Development of the waveguide photonic crystal structures formed by a distribution of nanoparticles in polymer matrix
Hryn, Volodymyr; Sakhno, Oksana; Bendziak, A; Fito, Volodymyr; Smirnova, Tatiana
2018Diffractive optical elements for 3D display architectures: Materials and processing
Sakhno, Oksana; Stumpe, Joachim
2018Fabrication and performance of efficient thin circular polarization gratings with Bragg properties using bulk photo-alignment of a liquid crystalline polymer
Sakhno, Oksana; Gritsai, Yuri; Sahm, Hagen; Stumpe, Joachim
Journal Article
2017Full-polymer cholesteric composites for transmission and reflection holographic gratings
Ryabchun, Alexander; Sakhno, Oksana; Stumpe, Joachim; Bobrovsky, Alexey
Journal Article
2016Holographic structuring of elastomer actuator: First true monolithic tunable elastomer optics
Ryabchun, Alexander; Kollosche, Matthias; Wegener, Michael; Sakhno, Oksana
Journal Article