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2021Topographical mapping of the mechanical characteristics of the human neurocranium considering the role of individual layers
Zwirner, J.; Safavi, S.; Scholze, M.; Li, K.C.; Waddell, J.N.; Busse, B.; Ondruschka, B.; Hammer, N.
Journal Article
2020The effect of the supplementation of a diet low in calcium and phosphorus with either sheep milk or cow milk on the physical and mechanical characteristics of bone using a rat model
Burrow, K.; Young, W.; Hammer, N.; Safavi, S.; Scholze, M.; McConnell, M.; Carne, A.; Barr, D.; Reid, M.; Bekhit, A.E.-D.
Journal Article
2020Standardized tensile testing of soft tissue using a 3D printed clamping system
Scholze, M.; Safavi, S.; Li, K.C.; Ondruschka, B.; Werner, M.; Zwirner, J.; Hammer, N.
Journal Article