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20152-(Hetero(aryl)methylene)hydrazine-1-carbothioamides as potent urease inhibitors
Saeed, A.; Imran, A.; Channar, P.A.; Shahid, M.; Mahmood, W.; Iqbal, J.
Journal Article
2014Design, synthesis, molecular docking studies and in vitro screening of ethyl 4-(3-benzoylthioureido) benzoates as urease inhibitors
Saeed, A.; Khan, M.S.; Rafique, H.; Shahid, M.; Iqbal, J.
Journal Article
2014New aminobenzenesulfonamide-thiourea conjugates: Synthesis and carbonic anhydrase inhibition and docking studies
Zaib, S.; Saeed, A.; Stolte, K.; Flörke, U.; Shahid, M.; Iqbal, J.
Journal Article
2014Synthesis, cytotoxicity and molecular modelling studies of new phenylcinnamide derivatives as potent inhibitors of cholinesterases
Saeed, A.; Mahesar, P.A.; Zaib, S.; Khan, M.S.; Matin, A.; Shahid, M.; Iqbal, J.
Journal Article
2014Systematic variation of the stabilizer to reduce the annealing temperature of sol-gel derived titanium oxide in inverted organic solar cells
Seßler, M.; Kohlstädt, M.; Saeed, A.; Würfel, U.
Journal Article
2013Synthesis, molecular docking studies, and in vitro screening of sulfanilamide-thiourea hybrids as antimicrobial and urease inhibitors
Saeed, A.; Zaib, S.; Pervez, A.; Mumtaz, A.; Shahid, M.; Iqbal, J.
Journal Article
2012Design, synthesis and molecular modelling of novel methyl[4-oxo-2-(aroylimino)-3-(substituted phenyl)thiazolidin-5-ylidene]acetates as potent and selective aldose reductase inhibitors
Ali, S.; Saeed, A.; Abbas, N.; Shahid, M.; Bolte, M.; Iqbal, J.
Journal Article
2011Synthesis, biological assay in vitro and molecular docking studies of new Schiff base derivatives as potential urease inhibitors
Aslam, M.A.S.; Mahmood, S.-U.; Shahid, M.; Saeed, A.; Iqbal, J.
Journal Article