Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Effect of the Foresight Horizon on Computation Time and Results using a Regional Energy Systems Optimization Model
Thomsen, J.; Saad Hussein, N.; Dolderer, A.; Kost, C.
Journal Article
2021Impact of Internal Carbon Prices on the Energy System of an Organisation's Facilities in Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom Compared to Potential External Carbon Prices
Gorbach, O.G.; Saad Hussein, N.; Thomsen, J.
Journal Article
2020Incentivizing demand-side management, chances and risks for medium-sized industries
Wanapinit, N.; Saad Hussein, N.; Kost, C.
Conference Paper
2018Effects of building refurbishment on a districts energy system
Saad Hussein, Noha
: Henning, Hans-Martin (Referent); Wagner, Andreas (Referent)
2018A method for evaluating building retrofit effects on a decentral energy system by a sector coupling operation and expansion model
Saad Hussein, N.
Journal Article
2017Electricity cost from renewable energy technologies in Egypt
Saad Hussein, N.; Abo Kersh, M.; Kost, C.; Schlegl, T.
2017Model based analysis of building retrofitting effects on a decentralized energy system
Saad Hussein, N.; Hübner, F.
Conference Paper
2017An optimized energy system planning and operation on distribution grid level - The Decentralized Market Agent as a novel approach
Thomsen, J.; Saad Hussein, N.; Senkpiel, C.; Hartmann, N.; Schlegl, T.
Journal Article
2016Concept of Evaluating Chances and Risks of Grid Autarky
Senkpiel, C.; Shammugam, S.; Saad Hussein, N.; Hauser, W.; Biener, W.; Kreifels, N.; Kost, C.
2016Effects of Retrofitting on the Operation and Deployment of Technologies within a Decentralized System
Saad Hussein, N.; Senkpiel, C.; Hollander, M. den
Conference Paper
2016Possible Actions to Maximize the Flexibility Usage in a Decentral Energy System for the Heating and Electricity Sector
Saad Hussein, N.; Rinn, L.M.; Krüger, C.; Janßen, T.; Biener, W.; Senkpiel, C.
Conference Paper
Jülch, V.; Hartmann, N.; Saad Hussein, N.; Schlegl, T.
Book Article
2015Stromerzeugung aus Windenergie
Hartmann, N.; Saad Hussein, N.; Taumann, M.; Jülch, V.; Schlegl, T.
Book Article