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2017Privacy data management and awareness for public administrations: A case study from the healthcare domain
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Conference Paper
2017Security knowledge representation artifacts for creating secure IT systems
Ruiz, J.F.; Arjona, M.; Mana, A.; Rudolph, C.
Journal Article
2015An integrated security and systems engineering process and modelling framework
Ruiz, J.F.; Mana, A.; Rudolph, C.
Journal Article
2014A security engineering process for systems of systems using security patterns
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Conference Paper
2013Building secure systems using a security engineering process and security building blocks
Rein, Andre; Rudolph, Carsten; Ruiz, J.F.
Conference Paper
2013Emergency systems modelling using a security engineering process
Ruiz, J.F.; Maãa, A.; Arjona, M.; Paatero, J.
Conference Paper
2013Introducing security building block models
Rein, A.; Rudolph, C.; Ruiz, J.F.; Arjona, M.
Conference Paper
2013Secure engineering and modelling of a metering devices system
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Conference Paper
2013Security engineering and modelling of set-top boxes
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Conference Paper