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2004Construction of phage display libraries from reactive lymph nodes of breast carcinoma patients and selection for specifically binding human single chain Fv on cell lines
Rothe, A.; Klimka, A.; Tur, M.K.; Pfitzner, T.; Huhn, M.; Sasse, S.; Mallmann, P.; Engert, A.; Barth, S.
Journal Article
2003A novel approach for immunization, screening and characterization of selected scFv libraries using membrane fractions of tumor cells
Tur, M.K.; Rothe, A.; Huhn, M.; Goerres, U.; Klimka, A.; Stocker, M.; Engert, A.; Fischer, R.; Finnern, R.; Barth, S.
Journal Article
2000Nitratverlagerung in tieferen Bodenschichten eines süddeutschen Waldgebietes
Rothe, A.; Englschall, M.; Hurler, R.; Wittfoth, J.; Butterbach-Bahl, K.
Journal Article