Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2012Ruthenocenes and half-open ruthenocenes: Synthesis, characterization, and their use as CVD precursors for ruthenium thin film deposition
Tuchscherer, A.; Georgi, C.; Roth, N.; Schaarschmidt, D.; Rüffer, T.; Waechtler, T.; Schulze, S.E.; Oswald, S.; Gessner, T.; Lang, H.
Journal Article
2009Copper oxide ALD from a Cu(I) beta-diketonate: Detailed growth studies on SiO2 and TaN
Wächtler, T.; Roth, N.; Mothes, R.; Schulze, S.; Schulz, S.E.; Gessner, T.; Lang, H.; Hietschold, M.
Conference Paper
2009Copper oxide films grown by atomic layer deposition from Bis(tri-n-butylphosphane)copper(I)acetylacetonate on Ta, TaN, Ru, and SiO2
Waechtler, T.; Oswald, S.; Roth, N.; Jakob, A.; Lang, H.; Ecke, R.; Schulz, S.E.; Gessner, T.; Moskvinova, A.; Schulze, S.; Hietschold, M.
Journal Article
2009Detailed study of copper oxide ALD on SiO2, TaN, and Ru
Wächtler, T.; Schulze, S.; Hofmann, L.; Hermann, S.; Roth, N.; Schulz, S.E.; Gessner, T.; Lang, H.; Hietschold, M.
2008ALD of Copper and Copper Oxide Thin Films for Applications in Metallization Systems of ULSI Devices
Waechtler, T.; Oswald, S.; Roth, N.; Lang, H.; Schulz, S.E.; Gessner, T.
Conference Paper
2007Phosphane copper(I) complexes as CVD precursors
Roth, N.; Jakob, A.; Waechtler, T.; Schulz, S.E.; Gessner, T.; Lang, H.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2002Logistical positioning in a turbulent environment
Wiendahl, H.-H.; Roth, N.; Westkämper, E.
Journal Article
2002Reuse: Don't re-invent the wheel
Schimpf, Sven; Roth, N.
Book Article
2001IMS Project SYMPHONY: On the management of knowledge-based, adaptive organisations in the knowledge-driven economy
Kemp, J.; Roth, N.; Prieto, J.; Meier, C.; Affolter, I.; Brouyere, L.; Hartmann, M.; Staedtler, P.
Conference Paper
2001Influence of Morphology Dependant Resonances on Optical Measurement Techniques
Roth, N.; Domnick, J.; Weigand, B.; Frohn, A.
Conference Paper
2001A knowledge management solution for improving corporate product development
Kemp, J.; Albiez, A.; Wagner, F.; Roth, N.
Conference Paper
2001A methodology for building and implementing of a performance management system from knowledge reuse and invention-oriented perspective in new product development
Prieto, J.; Roth, N.; Pilarek, D.
Conference Paper
2001A performance management system for new product development from a reuse and invention perspective
Roth, N.; Prieto, J.; Lettice, F.; Dvir, R.; Penev, I.; Tsanev, M.; Evans, S.; Young, K.; Schulte, T.
Conference Paper
2001Ein Performance-Measurement-System für wissensintensive Produktentwicklungsprozesse
Roth, N.; Prieto, J.; Pilarek, D.
Journal Article
2000Ein integriertes Konzept für die evolutionär-iterative Produktentwicklung
Warschat, J.; Wagner, F.; Roth, N.; Prieto, J.
Book Article
1999Erweiterung der EDM/PDM-Funktionalität zur Unterstützung der frühen Phasen der Produktentwicklung
Frielingsdorf, H.; Roth, N.; Frech, J.; Wagner, F.
Conference Paper
1999Marktstudie Engineering Data Management Systeme. EDM als strategischer Erfolgsfaktor im innovativen Unternehmen
Bullinger, H.-J.; Frielingsdorf, H.; Roth, N.; Wagner, F.