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2017Schwachstellenscanner für Android Applikationen
Roth, Christopher
: Waidner, Michael; Arzt, Steven
Bachelor Thesis
2017Untersuchungen an Anodenmaterialien für die Alkalische Direkt-Methanol-Brennstoffzelle
Jurzinsky, Tilman
: Elsner, P.; Roth, C.
2012Electrooxidation of ethanol on Pt. An in situ and time-resolved XANES study
Melke, J.; Schoekel, A.; Gerteisen, D.; Dixon, D.; Ettingshausen, F.; Cremers, C.; Roth, C.; Ramaker, D.E.
Journal Article
2011In operando fuel cell and experimental design for XAS
Schoekel, A.; Dixon, D.; Melke, J.; Ramaker, D.E.; Roth, C.
Conference Paper
2010Ethanol oxidation on carbon-supported Pt, PtRu, and PtSn catalysts studied by operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Melke, J.; Schoekel, A.; Dixon, D.; Cremers, C.; Ramaker, D.E.; Roth, C.
Journal Article
2010Time-resolved, in Operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy investigations and modelling of the ethanol oxidation reaction on Pt
Ramaker, D.E.; Melke, J.; Schökel, A.; Ettinghausen, F.; Cremers, C.; Dixon, D.; Roth, C.
Conference Paper
2010The use of in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy in applied fuel cell research
Croze, V.; Ettingshausen, F.; Melke, J.; Söhn, M.; Stürmer, D.; Roth, C.
Journal Article
2008Investigation of reaction mechanism and structural changes in direct ethanol fuel cell electrodes using x-rayabsorption spectroscopy
Melke, J.; Meyer, M.; Malchow, C.; Cremers, C.; Roth, C.
2006Novel nanocomposite Pt/RuO2x H2O/carbon nanotube catalysts for direct methanol fuel cells
Cao, L.; Scheiba, F.; Roth, C.; Schweiger, F.; Cremers, C.; Stimming, U.; Fuess, H.; Chen, L.; Zhu, W.; Qiu, X.
Journal Article
2006On the suitability of hydrous ruthenium oxide supports to enhance intrinsic proton conductivity in DMFC anode
Scheiba, F.; Scholz, M.; Cao, L.; Schafranek, R.; Roth, C.; Cremers, C.; Qiu, X.; Stimming, U.; Fuess, H.
Journal Article