Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Guest editorial note
Mourik, Ruth M.; Rohde, Clemens; Rosenow, Jan; Wade, Joanne
Journal Article
2018Policy mixes for sustainable energy transitions
Kern, Florian; Kivimaa, Paula; Rogge, Karoline; Rosenow, Jan
Book Article
2017The need for comprehensive and well targeted instrument mixes to stimulate energy transitions: The case of energy efficiency policy
Rosenow, Jan; Kern, Florian; Rogge, Karoline
Journal Article
2015Energy saving obligations - cutting the Gordian Knot of leverage?
Rohde, Clemens; Rosenow, Jan; Eyre, Nick; Giraudet, Louis-Gaëtan
Journal Article
2014Monitoring of the "Energiewende" - energy efficiency indicators for Germany
Schlomann, Barbara; Reuter, Matthias; Lapillonne, Bruno; Pollier, Karine; Rosenow, Jan
2013Overcoming the upfront investment barrier - comparing the german CO2 building rehabilitation programme and the british green deal
Rosenow, Jan; Eyre, Ncik; Bürger, Veit; Rohde, Clemens
Journal Article