Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Analysis of 28 nm SRAM cell stability under mechanical load applied by nanoindentation
Clausner, André; Schlipf, Simon; Kurz, G.; Otto, M.; Paul, J.; Giering, Kay-Uwe; Warmuth, Jens; Lange, André; Jancke, Roland; Aal, A.; Rosenkranz, Rüdiger; Gall, Martin; Zschech, Ehrenfried
Conference Paper
2018Laboratory computed x-ray tomography - a nondestructive technique for 3D microstructure analyis of materials
Zschech, Ehrenfried; Löffler, Markus; Krüger, Peter; Gluch, Jürgen; Kutukova, Kristina; Zglobicka, Izabela; Silomon, Jendrik; Rosenkranz, Rüdiger; Standke, Yvonne; Topal, E.
Journal Article
2018Quantitative analysis of backscattered electron (BSE) contrast using low voltage scanning electron microscopy (LVSEM) and its application to Al0.22Ga0.78N/GaN layers
Garitagoitia, Maria Aranzazu; Rosenkranz, Rüdiger; Löffler, M.; Clausner, André; Standke, Yvonne; Zschech, Ehrenfried
Journal Article
2017Physikalische Werkstoffdiagnostik
Bauch, Jürgen; Rosenkranz, Rüdiger
2016FIB sample preparation for X-ray microscopy and ROI target cross-sectioning
Zschech, Ehrenfried; Gluch, Jürgen; Rosenkranz, Rüdiger; Standke, Yvonne; Niese, Sven
2016Non-destructive imaging of organosilicate glass (OSG) thin films at low voltage with the EsB detector
Garitagoitia, Maria Aranzazu; Moayedi, Elham; Rosenkranz, Rüdiger; Clausner, André; Pakbaz, Khashayar; Zschech, Ehrenfried
Journal Article
2016Optimization of the SEM working conditions: EsB detector at low voltage
Cid, Aranzazu Garitagoitia; Rosenkranz, Rüdiger; Zschech, Ehrenfried
Journal Article
2016TEM investigation of time-dependent dielectric breakdown mechanisms in Cu/Low-k interconnects
Liao, Zhongquan; Gall, Martin; Yeap, Kong Boon; Sander, Christoph; Clausner, André; Mühle, Uwe; Gluch, Jürgen; Standke, Yvonne; Rosenkranz, Rüdiger; Aubel, Oliver; Hauschildt, Meike; Zschech, Ehrenfried
Journal Article
2015Lateral damage in graphene carved by high energy focused gallium ion beams
Liao, Zhongquan; Zhang, Tao; Gall, Martin; Dianat, Arezoo; Rosenkranz, Rüdiger; Jordan, Rainer; Cuniberti, Gianaurelio; Zschech, Ehrenfried
Journal Article
2014Advanced methods for mechanical and structural characterization of nanoscale materials for 3D IC integration
Sander, Christoph; Standke, Yvonne; Niese, Sven; Rosenkranz, Rüdiger; Clausner, André; Gall, Martin; Zschech, Ehrenfried
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2014A new in situ microscopy approach to study the degradation and failure mechanisms of time-dependent dielectric breakdown: Set-up and opportunities
Liao, Zhongquan; Gall, Martin; Yeap, Kong Boon; Sander, Christoph; Aubel, Oliver; Mühle, Uwe; Gluch, Jürgen; Niese, Sven; Standke, Yvonne; Rosenkranz, Rüdiger; Löffler, Markus; Vogel, Norman; Beyer, Armand; Engelmann, Hans Jürgen; Guttmann, Peter; Schneider, Gerhard; Zschech, Ehrenfried
Journal Article