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20091st International ESTP Expert Workshop: "Larynx squamous metaplasia". A re-consideration of morphology and diagnostic approaches in rodent studies and its relevance for human risk assessment
Kaufmann, W.; Bader, R.; Ernst, H.; Harada, T.; Hardisty, J.; Kittel, B.; Kolling, A.; Pino, M.; Renne, R.; Rittinghausen, S.; Schulte, A.; Wöhrmann, T.; Rosenbruch, M.
Journal Article
2009Proliferative and nonproliferative lesions of the rat and mouse respiratory tract
Renne, R.; Brix, A.; Harkema, J.; Herbert, R.; Kittel, K.; Lewis, D.; March, T.; Nagano, K.; Pino, M.; Rittinghausen, S.; Rosenbruch, M.; Tellier, P.; Wohrmann, T.
Journal Article
1990Intraperitoneal injection studies for the evaluation of the carcinogenicity of fibrous phyllosilicates
Pott, F.; Rödelsperger, K.; Rippe, R.M.; Roller, M.; Rosenbruch, M.; Bellmann, B.; Muhle, H.
Conference Paper
1989Carcinogenicity studies on natural and man made fibres with the intraperitoneal test in rats.
Pott, F.; Ziem, U.; Reiffer, F.-J.; Bellmann, B.; Rosenbruch, M.; Huth, G.; Roller, M.
Book Article