Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Applying Simulation to Advance Resilience of Historic Areas to Climate Change and Natural Hazards
Milde, Katharina; Giovinazzi, Sonia; Lückerath, Daniel; Ullrich, Oliver; Pollino, Maurizio; Rome, Erich; Rosato, Vittorio
Conference Paper
2019Co-operating with Municipal Partners on Indicator Identification and Data Acquisition
Ullrich, Oliver; Bogen, Manfred; Lückerath, Daniel; Rome, Erich
Journal Article
2018The RESIN climate change adaptation project and its simple modeling approach for risk-oriented vulnerability assessment
Lückerath, Daniel; Bogen, Manfred; Rome, Erich; Sojeva, Betim; Ullrich, Oliver; Worst, Rainer; Xie, Jingquan
Conference Paper
2018RESIN Climate resilient cities and infrastructures
Lückerath, Daniel; Bogen, Manfred; Rome, Erich; Sojeva, Betim; Ullrich, Oliver; Worst, Rainer; Xie, Jingquan
2017Towards a common vocabulary for crisis management scenarios
Xie, Jingquan; Sojeva, Betim; Rome, Erich; Lückerath, Daniel
Conference Paper
2016Critical information infrastructures security. 10th international conference, CRITIS 2015
: Rome, Erich (Hrsg.); Theocharidou, Marianthi (Hrsg.); Wolthusen, Stephen (Hrsg.)
Conference Proceedings
2016Managing the complexity of critical infrastructures. A modelling and simulation approach
: Setola, Roberto; Rosato, Vittorio; Kyriakides, Elias; Rome, Erich
Scientific Anthology
2016The use of what-if analysis to improve the management of crisis situations
Rome, Erich; Doll, Thomas; Rilling, Stefan; Sojeva, Betim; Voss, Norman; Xie, Jingquan
Book Article
2015Advanced services for critical infrastructures protection
Kozik, Rafal; Choras, Michal; Flizikowski, Adam; Theocharidou, Marianthi; Rosato, Vittorio; Rome, Erich
Journal Article
2015Using web GIS for designing added-value training systems for crisis managers
Sojeva, Betim
: Müller, Stefan; Rome, Erich
Master Thesis
2013A global approach to risk assessment of critical infrastructures
Rome, Erich; Antonio, Di Pietro; Pollino, Maurizio; D'Agostino, Gregorio; Rosato, Vittorio
Conference Paper
2013Modellierung, Simulation und Analyse für den Schutz kritischer Infrastrukturen
Rome, Erich
Conference Paper
2012Complexity aided design
Carbone, Anna; Ajmone-Marsan, Marco; Axhausen, Kay; Batty, Mike; Masera, Marcelo; Rome, Erich
Journal Article
2012SENEKA - sensor network with mobile robots for disaster management
Kuntze, Helge-Björn; Frey, Christian W.; Tchouchenkov, Igor; Staehle, Barbara; Rome, Erich; Pfeiffer, Kai; Wenzel, Andreas; Wöllenstein, Jürgen
Conference Paper
2010Critical information infrastructures security. Revised papers
: Rome, Erich; Bloomfield, Robin
Conference Proceedings