Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Monitoring of Soiling with the AVUS Instrument - Technical and Economic Assessment
Heimsath, A.; Schmidt, T.; Rohani, S.; Haack, L.; Meyer, R.; Steinmetz, J.; Nitz, P.
Conference Paper
2019Optimized Mirror Cleaning Strategies in PTC Plants Reducing the Water Consumption and the Levelized Cost of cleaning
Rohani, S.; Abdelnabi, N.; Fluri, T.; Heimsath, A.; Wittwer, C.; Pérez Ainsua, J.C.
Conference Paper
2019Solar Field Heliostat Selection Based on Polygon Optimization and Boundaries
Schöttl, P.; Rohani, S.; Leonardi, E.; Pisani, L.; Les, I.; Mutuberria, A.; Nitz, P.
Conference Paper
2019Techno-economic heliostat field optimization: Comparative analysis of different layouts
Leonardi, E.; Pisani, L.; Les, I.; Larrayoz, A.M.; Rohani, S.; Schöttl, P.
Journal Article
2018Parabolic trough plant performance in China with focus on comparison of heat transfer fluids HELISOL®5A and Therminol® VP-1
Zoschke, T.; Rohani, S.; Fluri, T.; Hu, Q.; Fang, Q.
Conference Paper
2018Techno-Economic Evaluation and Optimization of CSP Plants with ColSimCSP
Rohani, S.; Fluri, T.; Zoschke, T.
2017Modelling and simulation of parabolic trough plants based on real operating data
Rohani, S.; Fluri, T.; Dinter, F.; Nitz, P.
Journal Article