Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Combination of material characterization and cyclic fatigue testing for investigation of elastomer aging
Lellinger, Dirk; Kroth, Thomas; Reinhardt, Marc; Bitsch, Thorsten; Kühne, Kai; Rode, Karsten; Malz, Frank; Wallmichrath, Marc; Alig, Ingo
Book Article
2017Selective chromatographic separation of polycarbonate according to hydroxyl end-groups using a porous graphitic carbon column
Apel, Nico; Uliyanchenko, E.; Moyses, S.; Rommens, S.; Wold, C.; Macko, Tibor; Rode, Karsten; Brüll, Robert
Journal Article
2015Ageing study of different types of long-term pressure tested PE pipes by IR-microscopy
Maria, R.; Rode, Karsten; Schuster, Tobias; Geertz, Guru; Malz, Frank; Sanoria, Abishek; Oehler, Harald; Brüll, Robert; Wenzel, Mirko; Engelsing, Kurt; Bastian, Martin; Brendlé, Emmanuelle
Journal Article
2015Measuring the orientation of chains in polypropylene welds by infrared microscopy
Damodaran, Subin; Schuster, Tobias; Rode, Karsten; Sanoria, Abishek; Brüll, Robert; Stöhr, N.
Journal Article
2015Monitoring the effect of chlorine on the ageing of polypropylene pipes by infrared microscopy
Schuster, Tobias; Damodaran, Subin; Rode, Karsten; Abhishek, Sanoria; Brüll, Robert; Wenzel, Mirko; Bastian, Martin
Journal Article
2014Analysis of complex phthalic acid based polyesters by the combination of size exclusion chromatography and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry
Pretorius, N.O.; Rode, Karsten; Simpson, J.M.; Pasch, H.
Journal Article
2014Quantification of highly oriented nucleating agent in PP-R by IR-microscopy, polarised light microscopy, differential scanning calorimetry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Schuster, Tobias; Damodaran, Subin; Rode, Karsten; Malz, Frank; Brüll, Robert; Gerrets, Britta; Wenzel, Mirko; Bastian, Martin
Journal Article
2013Lightweight tannin foam/composites sandwich panels and the coldset tannin adhesive to assemble them
Zhou, X.; Pizzi, A.; Sauget, A.; Nicollin, A.; Li, X.; Celzard, A.; Rode, Karsten; Pasch, Harald
Journal Article
2013MALDI-TOF study of oligomers distribution in spray-dried glyoxalated lignin for wood adhesives
Navarette, P; Pizzi, A.; Rode, Karsten; Vignali, M.; Pasch, Harald
Journal Article
2013MALDI-TOF-CID for the microstructure elucidation of polymeric hydrolysable tannins
Radebe, Nonhlanhla; Rode, Karsten; Pizzi, A.; Giovando, S.; Pasch, Harald
Journal Article
2013Microstructure elucidation of polyflavonoid tannins by MALDI-TOF-CID
Radebe, N.; Rode, Karsten; Pizzi, A.; Pasch, H.
Journal Article
2013Phenolic resin adhesives based on chestnut (Castanea sativa) hydrolysable tannins
Spina, S.; Zhou, X.; Segovia, C.; Pizzi, A.; Romagnoli, M.; Giovando, S.; Pasch, Harald; Rode, Karsten; Delmotte, L.
Journal Article
2013Reaction of condensed tannins with ammonia
Braghiroli, F.; Fierro, V.; Pizzi, A.; Rode, Karsten; Radke, Wolfgang; Delmotte, L.; Parmentier, J.; Celzard, A.
Journal Article
2013Spatially resolved monitoring of crystalline suprastructure and molecular orientation in alpha- and beta-nucleated polypropylene pipes using differential scanning calorimetry, infrared microscopy, and polarized light microscopy
Schuster, Andreas; Rode, Karsten; Brüll, Robert; Heinemann, Jürgen; Haupt, Hansgeorg
Journal Article
2013Upgrading of MUF adhesives for particleboard production using oligomers of hyperbranched poly(amine-ester)
Zhou, X.; Essawy, H.A.; Pizzi, A.; Li, X.; Rode, Karsten; Radke, Wolfgang; Du, G.
Journal Article
2012Analysis of fatty alcohol ethoxylates regarding chain length and endgroups by MALDI-TOF MS using collision-induced dissociation
Mass, Valentina; Rode, Karsten; Rittig, Frank; Ostrowski, Thomas; Pasch, Harald
Journal Article
2012Characterization of pomegranate peels tannin extractives
Saad, H.; Charrier-El Bouhtoury, F.; Pizzi, A.; Rode, Karsten; Charrier, B.; Ayed, N.
Journal Article
2012Low formaldehyde emitting biobased wood adhesives manufactured from mixtures of tannin and glyoxylatet lignin
Navarette, P; Pizzi, A.; Tapin-Lingua, S.; Benjelloun-Mlayah, B.; Pasch, H.; Rode, Karsten; Delmotte, L.; Rigolet, S.
Journal Article