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2021Camphoric acid as renewable cyclic building block for bio-based UV-curing polyhexylene itaconate
Ouhichi, Rim; Bougarech, Abdelkader; Kluge, Marcel; Pérocheau Arnaud, Sacha; Abid, Souhir; Abid, Majdi; Robert, Tobias
Journal Article
2020Biobasierte Lacke und ihre Rohstoffe
: Gesthuizen, Jan (GesprächsteilnehmerIn); Robert, Tobias (GesprächsteilnehmerIn); Lux, Sabrina (ProduzentIn)
2020A facile method to synthesize semicrystalline poly(ester amide)s from 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid, 1,10-decanediol, and crystallizable amido diols
Kluge, Marcel; Papadopoulos, Lazaros; Magaziotis, Andreas; Tzetzis, Dimitrios; Zamboulis, Alexandra; Bikiaris, Dimitrios; Robert, Tobias
Journal Article
2020First example of unsaturated poly(ester amide)s derived from itaconic acid and their application as bio-based UV-curing polymers
Ouhichi, Rim; Pérocheau Arnaud, Sacha; Bougarech, Abdelkader; Abid, Souhir; Abid, Majdi; Robert, Tobias
Journal Article
2020Molecular dynamics, crystallization and hydration study of Poly(Propylene succinate) based Poly(Ester amide)s
Klonos, Panagiotis; Kluge, Marcel; Robert, Tobias; Kyritsis, Apostolos; Bikiaris, Dimitrios
Journal Article
2020Optimized synthesis of highly reactive UV-curable hyperbranched polyester acrylates
Pérocheau Arnaud, Sacha; Hashemi, Payam; Mischnick, Petra; Robert, Tobias
Journal Article
2020Poly(ester amide)s from poly(alkylene succinate)s and rapid crystallizing amido diols
Kluge, Marcel; Rennhofer, Harald; Lichtenegger, Helga C.; Liebner, Falk W.; Robert, Tobias
Journal Article
2020Selective synthesis of monoesters of itaconic acid with broad substrate scope
Pérocheau Arnaud, Sacha; Andreou, Eleni; Pereira Köster, Luis V.G.; Robert, Tobias
Journal Article
2020Straightforward synthetic protocol to bio-based unsaturated poly(ester amide)s from itaconic acid with thixotropic behavior
Papadopoulos, Lazaros; Kluge, Marcel; Bikiaris, Dimitrios; Robert, Tobias
Journal Article
20191,3-Propanediol and its application in bio-based polyesters for resin applications
Kluge, Marcel; Pérocheau Arnaud, Sacha; Robert, Tobias
Journal Article
2019Bio-based polyester itaconates as binder resins for UV-curing offset printing inks
Robert, Tobias; Eschig, Steven; Biemans, Toine; Scheifler, Frank
Journal Article
2019Enhancing the properties of poly(propylene succinate) by the incorporation of crystallizable symmetrical amido diols
Kluge, Marcel; Bikiaris, Dimitrios N.; Robert, Tobias
Journal Article
2019Future green chemistry and sustainability needs in polymeric coatings
Cunningham, Michael F.; Campbell, J. David; Fu, Zhenwen; Bohling, James; Leroux, J. Gary; Mabee, Warren; Robert, Tobias
Journal Article
2019Printing inks from renewable resources
Robert, Tobias
Book Article