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2019Obtaining an extract rich in phenolic compounds from olive pomace by pressurized liquid extraction
Pavez, I.C.; Lozano-Sánchez, J.; Borrás-Linares, I.; Nunez, H.; Robert, P.; Segura-Carretero, A.
Journal Article
2018Effect of spray-drying with organic solvents on the encapsulation, release and stability of fish oil
Encina, C.; Márquez-Ruiz, G.; Holgado, F.; Giménez, B.; Vergara, C.; Robert, P.
Journal Article
2018Influence of solvent and lecithin in microencapsulation of fish oil by spray-drying
Encina, C.; Vergara, C.; Márquez-Ruiz, G.; Holgado, F.; Robert, P.; Giménez, B.
Journal Article
2016Conventional spray-drying and future trends for the microencapsulation of fish oil
Encina, C.; Vergara, C.; Giménez, B.; Oyarzún-Ampuero, F.; Robert, P.
Journal Article
1995Software evaluation for certification
Rae, A.; Hausen, H.-L.; Robert, P.