Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2013An experimental methodology for the in-situ observation of the time-dependent dielectric breakdown mechanism in Copper/low-k on-chip interconnect structures
Yeap, K.B.; Gall, M.; Sander, C.; Niese, S.; Liao, Z.; Ritz, Y.; Rosenkranz, R.; Mühle, U.; Gluch, J.; Zschech, E.; Aubel, O.; Beyer, A.; Hennesthal, C.; Hauschildt, M.; Talut, G.; Poppe, J.; Vogel, N.; Engelmann, H.-J.; Stauffer, D.; Major, R.; Warren, O.
Conference Paper
2012Setup for measuring the resonance characteristics of high-frequency microtransducers
Maozie, G.; Nieradka, K.; Kopiec, D.; Ritz, Y.; Zschech, E.; Gotszalk, T.
Journal Article
2011Scanning thermal microscopy: A nanoprobe technique for studying the thermal properties of nanocomponents
Wielgoszewski, G.; Sulecki, P.; Gotszalk, T.; Janus, P.; Grabiec, P.; Hecker, M.; Ritz, Y.; Zschech, E.
Journal Article
2010Assessment of mechanical properties of nanoscale structures for microprocessor manufacturing
Niese, S.; Hecker, M.; Liske, R.; Ritz, Y.; Zschech, E.; Wojcik, H.; Bartha, J.; Wu, Z.; Ho, P.S.
Conference Paper
2010Cohesive toughness of low-k film with periodically changing elastic modulus: Cube-corner indentation
Yeap, K.B.; Hangen, U.; Ritz, Y.; Kim, T.-S.; Dauskardt, R.; Zschech, E.
Conference Paper
2010Novel SThM nanoprobe for thermal properties investigation of micro- and nanoelectronic devices
Janus, P.; Szmigiel, D.; Weisheit, M.; Wielgoszewski, G.; Ritz, Y.; Grabiec, P.; Hecker, M.; Gotszalk, T.; Sulecki, P.; Zschech, E.
Conference Paper
2009Surface-sensitive strain analysis of Si/SiGe line structures by raman and UV-raman spectroscopy
Roelke, M.; Hecker, M.; Hermann, P.; Lehninger, D.; Ritz, Y.; Zschech, E.; Vartanian, V.
Conference Paper
2009Utilizing near-field and depolarization effects for tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy on semiconductor nanostructures
Hermann, P.; Chong, Z.; Hecker, M.; Olk, P.; Weisheit, M.; Rinderknecht, J.; Ritz, Y.; Kücher, P.; Eng, L.M.
Journal Article
2007Calibration of atomic force microscope for nanoscale friction measurements
Masalska, A.; Kolanek, K.; Woszczyna, M.; Zawierucha, P.; Ritz, Y.; Zschech, Ehrenfried
Conference Paper