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2016Evaluation of metal-organic frameworks for gas-phase preconcentration and sample enrichment by inverse gas chromatography (IGC)
Rieger, Max; Wittek, Michael; Schnürer, Frank; Löbbecke, Stefan
Conference Paper
2015Localisation of IED manufacturing facilities by detection of explosives in sewage water
Schnürer, Frank; Heil, Moritz; Rieger, Max; Eberhardt, Angelika; Aniol, Jasmin; Krause, Horst
Conference Paper
2015Metal organic frameworks as selective preconcentrator material for gas-phase sensing
Rieger, Max; Heil, Moritz; Hürttlen, Jürgen; Schnürer, Frank; Bunte, Gudrun; Krause, Horst
Conference Paper
2015Synthesis and test of suitable adsorbers for selectively trapping and detecting explosives and improvised explosives precursors from gasphase
Bunte, Gudrun; Hürttlen, Jürgen; Heil, Moritz; Rieger, Max; Krause, Horst
Conference Paper