Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Cordon Gris: Integrated solution for meal recommendations
Ribeiro, Jorge; Ribeiro, David; Schwarz, Ayla; Vasconcelos, Maria Joao M.; Gerardo, Filomena; Harten, Ciska van; Succu, Riccardo; Davison, Robbie; Oliveira, Tiago; Silva, Marlos; Ferreira, Tiago Miguel da Silva
Conference Paper
2017SousChef: Mobile Meal Recommender System for Older Adults
Ribeiro, David; Machado, Joao; Ribeiro, Jorge; Vasconcelos, Maria Joao M.; Vieira, Elsa F.; Barros, Ana Correia de
Conference Paper
2016Supervised learning for Out-of-Stock detection in panoramas of retail shelves
Rosado, Luis; Gonçalves, João; Costa, João; Ribeiro, David; Soares, Filipe
Conference Paper
2015Perspective correction of panoramic images created by parallel motion stitching
Goncalves, Joao; Ribeiro, David; Soares, Filipe
Conference Paper
2014A smartphone-based fall risk assessment tool: Testing Ankle Flexibility, Gait and Voluntary Stepping
Guimarães, Vania; Ribeiro, David; Rosado, Luis; Sousa, Ines
Conference Paper
2013Beyond heat maps - Mining common swipe gestures
Schaefers, Klaus; Ribeiro, David; Barros, Ana Correia de
Conference Paper
2013A smartphone-based fall risk assessment tool
Guimaraes, Vania; Ribeiro, David; Rosado, Luis
Conference Paper